News From The American Redoubt:


Spokane Grandmother of 10 Holds Burglar at Gunpoint at Her Home

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The latest from Montana legislator Krayton Kerns: The Naked Gun

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Here is an article that quotes SurvivalBlog. The included map is instructive: America’s Death Zones: Where NOT To Be When It Hits the Fan. (Note the map’s inverse correlation to the American Redoubt.)

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Even the Redoubt isn’t immune from some crimes: $28,000 worth of copper wire stolen in Kootenai County. (Thanks to Russell in Idaho for the link.)

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Damon and H.L. both sent this: Oregon Takes up Gun Control Bills. Most of this legislation is deemed likely to fail. (But DO contact your legislators. The proposed ban on private party sales of used guns is particularly dangerous!) However, the fact that these bills even made it out of Committee is further evidence that Eastern Oregon needs to become a separate state. If there is one issue that will finally trigger partition, it certainly is civilian disarmament.

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Reader Linda U. sent: Montana legalises cooking and eating roadkill. Consider that 400 pounds of elk meat a consolation prize for the $2,000 worth of front end damage to your pickup. Oh, and don’t forget to consider your $1,000 insurance deductible…

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