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Odds ‘n Sods:

The US Dollar Index has sagged below 80 for the past four trading days. [1] When I last checked, it was at 79.42. (It currently takes a whopping $1.39 to buy a Euro.) [2] As previously mentioned in SurvivalBlog [3], this dollar weakness is a red flag. Obviously the international currency market sees lower interest rates ahead in the US. Be prepared for a full scale dollar crisis in the near future. Have you diversified into tangibles? (Gold, guns, and ground.) OBTW, have you noticed that the spot price of gold [4] is now over $700 per ounce? On a related note: Oil hit a record $80 per barrel [5]. I can’t help but as, is this a sign of more scarce oil, or just a weaker dollar?

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JLM suggested this news story, which is not too surprising: Foreclosures increase at triple-digit rate in 11 states– a 471% increase in California [6]. Let’s just hope that the foreclosure rates across the nation don’t start to mirror Costilla County, Colorado, where 256 of every 1,000 houses was lost to foreclosure.

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RBS sent us this: Mystery South of the Mexican Border: Authorities on Tuesday confirmed that the death toll was 28 from the explosion of a truck loaded with ammonium nitrate Sunday evening in the border state of Coahuila. [7]