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Odds ‘n Sods:

“Eric”, a former charter airline pilot and computer programmer publishes an interesting albeit sporadically updated self sufficiency blog: http://www.selfsufficientfamily.com/ [1]

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If you fall into the Club of Rome school of thought on the potential for a major whammy multi-generational societal collapse (See Roberto Vacca’s  book “The Coming Dark Age [2]), then you might find this site interesting: http://anthropik.com [3]

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Two interesting web sites with some useful MicroHydro power info were recently mentioned in a discussion over at the Survival and Preparedness forum at The FAL Files [4].  See:   http://microhydropower.net/index.php [5] and http://www.utilityfree.com/hydro/ [6] (Scroll down to see their Pelton Wheel offerings)