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Odds ‘n Sods:

Unintended consequences: Rise in ethanol demand creates a tortilla crisis. [1]

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S.H. mention an interesting list of 63 field/barracks items posted at Bouhammer’s Afghanistan “List of gear for A-stan.” [2] S.H. notes: “This may be of interest to those reviewing their G.O.O.D. [3] or Bug-Out bags. It is very enlightening on what our troops use/need in a modern desert war environment.”

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There are just 16 days left in the big “Container load sale” at Survival Enterprises. [4] Looking at their running inventories posted on the web page, I can see that several items have sold out. Don’t dawdle on this one, folks! All of the storage food items are “first come – first served.” As previously mentioned, their prices are less than half of retail.