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Odds ‘n Sods:

Mike the Blacksmith and Ben L. both mentioned this article: Bird flu virus ‘still smoldering,’ U.S. expert says [1]

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William S. Lind, writing in Counterpunch, penned this thought-provoking piece: When Will the First IED Strike Cleveland? [2] (A hat tip to Eric S. for recommending this article.) According to IED experts, the terrorist IED threat shows spiral development [3]. My personal prediction is that IED [4]s in the Middle East will soon display far greater sophistication. It is an inevitability of Fourth Generation Warfare. In perhaps just five years, “mud hut tribesmen” will be employing unmanned aerial vehicle borne IEDs (UAVIED [5]s)–an acronym that I coined when is was a technical/proposal writer in the national defense community. And Mr. Lind is partially right. It is just a matter of time before we have roadside IEDs going off in the U.S. But most of the culprits will not be returning U.S. servicemen that have learned the technology. Rather, I believe that it will be Islamic terrorists who have already learned how to take advantage of the relative anonymity of our big cities.

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A tornado tears through a north London street [6]