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Odds ‘n Sods:

The U.S. Dollar’s long term slide versus the Euro resumes [1], in earnest. I’m still predicting that it will soon take $2 to buy a Euro. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Invest in tangibles to protect yourself from the Dollar’s inevitable demise! If you haven’t already done so, give the folks at Swiss America [2] a call. SurvivalBlog reader Mike The Blacksmith comments on the slide in the dollar versus foreign currencies: “The question is how long, how fast?”

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Michael Z. Williamson [3] dropped me a line to point me to a detailed article at SurplusRifles.com about Model 1893 Mausers, and what constitutes “safe” ammo for them [4]. Their conclusion: They can handle the pressure of 7.62mm NATO [5] 150 grain military loads, but not typical .308 Winchester commercial soft nose loads. One of our advertisers, The Pre-1899 Specialist [6], sells hand-picked Model 1893s that have had their headspace checked. These were made in Oberndorf, Germany under contract for the Turkish government from 1894 to 1897. They are ideal Federally exempt (no FFL [7] required) candidates for rebarreling to 7.62mm NATO. (These rifles have an action that is stronger than the Spanish Model 1893.)

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Rourke [8] (moderator of the Jericho Discussion Group [9]) mentioned this one: Jericho TV Series Ranked #3 [10]