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Economics and Investing:

Want Precious Metals? Forget Mines, Go to Landfills [1]. (A hat tip to Diana V. for the link.)

C.D.V. sent this: As More Cities Go Broke, Is Muni Crisis Finally Here? [2]

G.G. sent this: Arizona Police Bust The Biggest Counterfeit Coupon Ring Ever [3]

Also from G.G., a piece about Ka-Bar: Inside The Company That’s Made Knives For The Marines Since World War II [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Mish’s Global Economic Trend:  Global Collapse in Auto Sales Coming Up [5]

Why The LIBOR Scandal Matters:  Destruction of Confidence to the Nth Degree [6]

Was Gold Manipulated Like LIBOR Rates? [7]