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Economics and Investing:

Commentary from Anthony Wile, Editor of The Daily Bell: If the Euro Ends, So Will the World as We Know It? [1]

G.G. flagged this: The Number of Those Working Past 65 is at a Record High [2]

John Williams: The Recovery is an Illusion [3]

18 Signs That The Banking Crisis In Europe Has Just Gone From Bad To Worse [4]

How big will JPMorgan’s losses be? [5]

Reader S.S. in Mississippi pointed me to Wikipedia’s page on Sovereign Debt [6]. The comparison’s of the debt levels of various nations are instructive, especially when seen as a percentage of GDP.

By Abandoning the Gold Standard We Accepted Central Planning and Chaos [7]

Kevin S. suggested this great piece that describes hyperinflation: What Is Money ? Part I [8]