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Economics and Investing:

Get Ready: We’re About To Have Another 2008-Style Crisis [1]

B.B. sent this: Cost of Greek Exit from Euro Put at $1 Trillion USD [2]

Spain falls into recession amid fears of eurozone bank run
China’s Economic Slowdown Foreshadows Trouble for the U.S. [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Jimmy Rogers:  “Volume Is Not Going To Come Back.  We’ve Had A Great 30 Years.  That’s Not Going To Come Back!” [5]

TMFR Podcast #19:  Jim Willie [6]. “Jim ties together today’s seemingly unrelated headlines of European sovereign debt, JPM hedging losses and paper gold price drops and ties them all together into a tidy little package that clearly shows where we are headed in the not-too-distant future.

Housing Starts Join US Factories Topping Forecasts [7]

The Bank Runs In Greece Will Soon Be Followed By Bank Runs In Other European Countries [8]