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    1. Wow is right. […]

      Looking forward to the next installments. It will be entertaining to see what […][he] wants to teach the rest of us that have only been doing this for forty years.

  1. If the opportunity arises in your life, please support the State of Jefferson movement. Millions of northeastern Californians are working for freedom by forming a new state. “It’s time for 51.”

  2. Wow! Tell it like it is brother! I’m still bothered by my fellow Tennesseans who are so clueless of what is going on in our own state. The devil is good at showing and luring others away from how Jehovah wants us to live. I have noticed that Nashville is becoming more and more liberal. I presume that in a few short years, that this great state will be consumed by un-american ideas and people. So many people are moving here from all over. I have also noticed that like NY, the huge city populations govern the rest of the state. Up state NY folks are quiet different in their thinking and living than the NY City people. I am excited for you being able to live free as you do in the redoubt! I am moving my wife and I into rural Tennessee. As a retired USASF soldier, I am planning and building my retreat for my son’s and their families and our christian friends. I know they will be headed our way when they see TEOTWAWKI. May our GREAT GOD continue to bless you all! Jed

    1. Jed I hear ya there, I live in south west Tn and I do love the freedom, I have also been up to Nashville and it’s just as scary as Salt Lake City or Cali!

  3. The assumption the majority of men uphold their role has a play in this. There are few of these.

    Chastising women for just existing gets you nowhere with me. The majority of Women cannot marry what appears to be literally a dying breed. We have to survive somehow. What do you suggest?

    1. “In the nineteenth century Europe women were widely considered to have a political identity radically different from that of men. They were defined as motherly, nurturing, incapable of comprehending complex political and financial questions, and emotional..these are identities that female political influence as inappropriate if not outright dangerous. This view was held to be an objective account of women’s nature, not a particular construction of identity, and it was reproduced through linguistic practices which continuously reinstalled the male as the privileged political subject.”

      To Ask a woman, you’d be right to think that chastising women is not useful. What I have quoted above together with this article’s discussion on what roles women have to play, this is a reproduction of Western thought. So, just what is a woman’s role in survival? Apparently, with the reproduction of this type of thought, your role is to basically shut up because apparently this type of thought suggests you have no value other than being a wife and a mother. (Not my opinion!!!)

    2. Ask a Woman, I agree many men today are immoral pigs. Feminism came along and offered free sex with no commitment. The bar was lowered and men adapted remarkedly well.

      I am not trying to be rude or coarse, to the point. I would suggest for women who cannot find a suitable husband and get married, then please keep your legs closed. You can survive without sex.

      It breaks this old coot’s heart to see so many children aborted or raised without an engaged committed Father.

      Note: Good potential husbands/Fathers can be found anywhere Christ still rules. Go to virtually any church in the rural Redoubt and you will find good potential husbands/Fathers.

    3. You could ask Helen Lamarr over patents.
      Marie Curie About dangerous scientific Experiments…

      The Woman who served in the british Forces during WWII,

      Come I early, come i lately i found Agnes at the Gates.

      If you scorn Woman working, for Breaking up marriages.
      If the only reason a Woman should stay in a bad marriage is because she is forced so by law and economic reasons, she´s a slave.

      Your employer may pay you, to feed your Family, mine is paying me for the work i do

  4. Great post. We too left California several years ago after talking about a move to the redoubt area for over a decade. Thankfully an early retirement awarded us the opportunity to do so several years before retiring at the usual age of 65.

    The reasons you listed are amongst the same ones that chased us from our beloved neighborhood in the Eastern Sierra of over 40 years. No, we did not live in the massive cities, yet the ways of those population centers regulated our everyday living as if we were there.

    We have enjoyed the blessings of the redoubt region as they are offered, without any desire to ‘change things’ like so many escapees from the TPROC are apt to try to do. What is offered here in the Redoubt is what I found 45 years ago when I moved from Los Angeles to a small community in the Eastern Sierra. Sadly over the 41 years I lived and thrived there folks from the TPROC population centers gradually migrated in as residents and second home owners and brought with them the ideas that have destroyed the state.

    I sincerely pray that those who relocate to the Redoubt region leave behind the liberal ways they are attempting to escape from and reinforce the conservative values so widely maintained and practiced in our wonderful neighborhoods. I’ll be back to harvesting spring run Chinook Salmon from our bounties offered here in the northwest in a few days as the run finishes the fishes life cycle back to it’s spawning grounds.

    We are quite pleased with our new neighbors, the rural lifestyle, the beauty and peacefulness and reduced stressful life style of no longer having the mental anguish of dealing with the TPROC. The beauty we left was incredible but ruined by those who run California.

  5. I’ve lived in the Redoubt since the early 80’s.. I always get a chuckle when people from California share their experiences moving here. So long as they leave their politics and big city expectations behind, I don’t mind helping them out.. If they start longing for the conveniences of 24 hr services or complaining about the noon whistles in the smaller towns, I remind them that the road they drove in on can be traveled on in the opposite direction too.

  6. What a great post. I also nominate it for the winner of the writing contest. Can’t wait to see the rest. As for “Ask a Woman” s comment. You complain that good and honorable men are a dying breed. Yet it is women who have killed them, or driven them into obscurity. Many men have simply said enough is enough, I want nothing to do with Modern Women. In actuality, it is the good and honorable woman who has disappeared.

  7. This article mis-interprets Proverbs 31:10, referred to as “the wife of noble character” or “the virtuous wife”. This scripture has to do with a woman recognizing her role and responsibilities as a wife and mother in a Christian marriage and has nothing to do with modern, liberal “Feminism”. I also object to the gross generalities focused upon women in society…”ask a woman” is correct on those counts, especially the “slackers” and “no-account” men in our society that women have to choose from. It goes both ways: generalities and simplistic statements aren’t justifiable from the perspective of any gender.

  8. I agree with X. Liberal and Carl. I want nothing to do with Modern Woman. I have learned over my 50 years that when I am working she is running around with Jody behind my back.

    1. JD is just what the name implies, Jurist Doctorate. I’m an attorney and stopped counting at $1-trillion in lawsuits [these are lawsuits filed, I didn’t get into the winnings or even if they’ve been thrown out of court]. However, just in filings alone, I estimate it is more like $10-trillion or even more sizable $100-trillion over the next few years. I don’t foresee men standing up, Congress, or any other governmental agency on the world canvas doing anything to stop the carnage [not with women allowed to play the hurt/victim card, and female Legislatures writing “gender neutral laws” with underpinnings to go right after manhood—stacking the tables for more “women only” lawsuits or court winnings for (sexual harassment, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, offence/hurts, libel/slander, gender discrimination, taxpayer funded legislation for women only programs, et al.)].

      In the near future gender equality “themes” will place our corporations/economic thresholds/nations/world at severe risk. If women are allowed to continue to sue Corporations/militaries/nations for punitive damages of them not being equality fit as men-gender equality “themes”, soon these types of lawsuits will exceed $1-quadrillion [$1,000,000,000,000,000.00] over the next century alone.

      Here are just a few links, and there are hundreds of thousands of more links will million dollar court winnings for the gender of WOMEN!

      Check them out for yourselves!

      Here is $170-billion in a suit against Goldman Sachs…
      Here’s a billion dollars in court winnings just with 8 lawsuits…
      Another billion with media moguls..
      $1.4-billion lawsuit at Dreshder
      Another billion
      Here’s $230-Billion with 1 company

  9. Great presention from the author and much appreciated discussion via the comments. The whole situation is too complex to blame a singly demographic but it is so essential that we consider all elements of the problem as well as the possible solution.

    We as the Church, and I consider myself as having responsibility here, must accept that the secular world is not going to solve this situation for us. Realizing we must not be too simplistic here, contempory “men’s ministry” is too often focusing on a monthly saturday breakfast and engaging men in serving the legistical needs of the sunday morning production as the answer to developing Biblical manhood. Grant it, some even build in a periodic wilderness adventure, but we still come up short.

    Two basic needs are still missing from the Biblical mandate; functioning as the true Body of Christ in a small group of believers who deal with the challenges of life together, and men pursuing and making Biblical disciples in the truth of Scripture and the pattern of Jesus. Getting back to these basics will include women, men, and children in the beautiful, as well as dirty work of life, no mater where we live.

    Please keep up this vibrant and necessary discourse.

  10. Brother X.Liberal, your frustration at the state of the world is understandable. I, too, am dismayed, watching helplessly as our Republic crumbles from within from the weight of ignorance and evil operators.

    As a senior woman, I remember how it used to be with mother at home, and dad leading and caring for the family. That was the overwhelming norm back then. Lots of people up here in the Redoubt are living that same Biblically-blessed lifestyle, which gives me hope for the future of this area. But with the world as broken as it is currently, we need not be surprised that there are plenty of good Christians who aren’t in that situation, and simply are making the best of the hand that was dealt them.

    I left California for the American Redoubt last year, all on my own, and I’m beyond overjoyed with the results. The quality of life is so far superior here. Even the winter snow has its beauty and peace. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to bear the cold winters but found that I enjoy the change of seasons. Even though it is physically more demanding at my age, I could no longer stand to stay in the oppressive atmosphere of liberalism.

    The people here are awesome, and I’m frequently struck by how many are smiling as they go about their daily lives. Stopping for a chat is common here; in California nobody has time for that. Christian fellowship is alive and well. Privacy and independence are respected qualities. The cost of living is much more reasonable. And living among other like minded people is like a healing balm. I hope you and your wife will continue to thrive here. Looking forward to the next installments.

    1. You remember something, that didn´t last longer than a blink of the eye in human history.

      A Part of the 20th century, Nothing more.

      Woman did work on the farm, in the field*, in the Workshop with their men or without.
      In the middle ages they did not seldom run their own Workshops.
      In modern times in the factory or as maidservants.

      And this had only one reason, it was needed for the necessities of life.
      We´ve now the luxury, that most of our work we work for luxuries not for necessities.

      A Family who typecast women to the role of housewife and mother, puts all eggs of breadwinning in one Basket*.

      *My Grandmother could tell a long and thorough Story how easy it is to raise Children, after my Grandfather died without having a profession.
      Not easy, absolutly not easy!

      1. I’m not talking about the Stepford wives. My point was that the man was the leader and protector. As a woman, I want that leadership and protection. A woman being “at home” doesn’t mean she isn’t working and sharing the load, just that the loads differ somewhat. And as an unmarried senior citizen, I take care of both roles in my own life. Today I shoveled ten wheelbarrows full of woodchips, laid down groundcloth, covered with the woodchips, hauled another three wheelbarrows full of grassclippings down to the compost pile, replaced the cat litter, took out the trash, had a repair man fix my propane stove for which I wrote a check with money that I earned, currently folding my third load of laundry with the fourth in the dryer, wondering what I’ll fix for my dinner. Still need to go out and water the garden. I am by no means working for luxuries. And I am far from typecast. But I do believe a husband who can’t lead and protect his family is not what God had in mind.

        1. I was Talking About the Stay at home Woman doing the household

          How much a man who isn´t at home Maybe for month can be a leader and protector is an interesting Question?

          Luxuries, like laundry machine, dryer, dish washer and the device used to write our Posts.

          1. ThoDan,
            Your post is almost completely unreadable. You write incomplete sentences, with missing words, and broken grammar. If you are going to present your case, please at least use the Queen’s English. Otherwise you waste your own time, and ours. Why should anyone here listen to someone who cannot speak in sentences?

  11. Like the article. Some hard truths. Been married for 25 years. Many of them good, some were really challenging. We’ve been happiest when we take on the roles of husband and wife as defined in the Bible. We’ve faced calamity (almost divorced) when we moved away from that model. God’s model really works.

    I don’t have much advice to offer married couples having trouble except for going to a counselor that adheres to the biblical concept of marriage. This is well worth your time and money. You may hear some things about yourself you don’t like, and maybe a frank assessment of your lives.

    If you are not yet married and the person you are dating or interested in is expressing views that support the modern workd’s definition of marriage or relationships where the man doesn’t lead and the woman has no intention of being a helper in a loving relationship, I advise you to seriously think about if you should remain in that relationship. Things only get more challenging once you’re hitched. Marriage can also be extremely rewarding and a beautiful experience if managed correctly.

  12. Great article but California isn’t the state with the most incarcerated people, both in number and in percentage. Numberwise, it isn’t first, and percentagewise, it isn’t even in the top ten.

  13. California also isn’t the statenwith the highest divirce rate. At 6.7%, itnis number 45 on the lzist of the highest divorce rates in the US. Nevada ids the highest with 13.8%. Great article though.

  14. California is number 33 on the list of 50 states with the highest debt. However, Californians thcemselves do have the highest personal debt to income rate of any state in the US. Great article though.

  15. After reading this, it reminds me of just how lucky I am. My wife is the bread winner in our family. I am an RN by trade and she is in sales. About 10 yrs ago she began making several times what I could make as a nurse. In fact, there was no amount of education that I could obtain that would put me on par with her. When we reached the point that not only would my income not pay her federal taxes and I would also be bringing home half of my income, I retired. She has been fully supportive and even now when I do desire to return to work she feels it would not be worth it for me to give up weekends and holidays at home. Now to compensate I do 90% of the house work, most of the laundry, all of the maintenance, repairs and yard work. We have a little over 3 acres and are continuously doing projects from building garages to remodeling so I tend to stay reasonably busy. In addition, my son is her step son and she has always been very generous with him and treats him like her own as she never had children of her own. To be fair, we have been together since my 22yr old son was 3 and for the first 15yrs we both worked full time. Though I know she could leave me and find someone in her income level in her field, she firmly believes in marriage and is adamant that the grass is not always greener on the other side. She still cooks, likes the door opened for her and treats me as an equal in all financial decisions frequently leaving it up to me to decide where our investments should go. It doesn’t feel good to not be the provider but that is the circumstances and she knows if need be I would return to work.

  16. I second the Nomination put forward herewith for this piece to take 1st Place in the contest. As an ex-native Californian myself I saw the quality of life deteriorate during the 1980’s and beyond. The Sacramento political structure was obsessed with protecting the rights of illegal immigrants than serving those who were born in the state and actually paid the majority of the taxes for decades to support the state. I was the victim of ID theft several times by the ‘undocumented.’ Getting into the state university system was almost impossible for the native born. It would have been unobtainable to buy a house like my parents owned, etc. As a woman I would concur with about 90% of the author’s opinions on the gender items as well.

    1. re:
      Identity Theft

      Maybe we could create a different Me Too movement!

      (I grew-up in the foothills east of Sacramento, but abandoned the whole shootin’ match several decades ago. We thought we made a good decision by settling in the rich fertile soil of the Willamette Valley in Oregon… but we failed to consider the goofballs in Eugene and Salem and Portland.

      As long as they ignore us, everybody gets along just fine. That time looks to be coming to an end. The goofballs seem to need to poke their noses into affairs they have no business knowing about. I can imagine a few noses getting shortened before they wise-up.)

      My identity was stolen several times by males and females of all sizes and colors. Do you realize your identity can re-finance a condo in Ohio while simultaneously financing a boat in Florida? Do you know a 5-foot 300-pound afro-American female can get bailed out of jail in Arizona using the identity of a 5’10” Caucasian male ?

      On the positive side, the all-knowing bumblebrats deep in the bowels at the Social Security Administration cheerfully inform me my retirement account is growing leaps-and-bounds… since multiple people using my Social Security account number are ‘contributing’ major scratch hourly.

      So there is that.

      One of the identity thieves was a Sacramento County Sheriff deputy sergeant. He traffic stopped nice folks, determined they were fine upstanding, then proceeded to use their identities to purchase Class Three firearms and suppressors. He nolo’d, did eight months in Club Fed, got his rights restored, and went to work for the feds. According to cow-orkers, he exaggerated an alleged injury, and retired to the Philippines on 100% disability tax-free.

      Don’t get me started.

  17. […] If men gave birth to babies the world would be a different place and the notions expressed severely disappoint me as a long term reader. I thought men had come further than such stone age notions. The women I know care for all family members long term and short term, in laws and blood at great personal sacrifice. Higher education allows them to earn a better wage yet some would see them penalised for this. Very disappointed. […]

  18. I enjoyed your description of the Ills of TPROC, or, as I will begin calling it “Tip-Rock”. I don’t per say, agree with all of your points regarding a Wife/Mothers role, I do appreciate your outlook in the Sanctity of the Nuclear Family Unit: A Father, A Mother, Children raised with the positive influence of a stable, positive Feminine essence, and the confident, unwavering Masculine presence. I am looking for forward to the rest of your article. Keep it up X. Liberal and China Doll!!!

  19. We moved out of Kalifornia many years ago. We are not in Idaho but next door in Washington.

    We have found a great Bibical Church and I cannot see leaving this state.
    The small church we attend is a light for many.

    We are also blessed with unreal freedom including not paying a state income tax, right to carry, world class healthcare in OHSU and others of similar class. They save my sister’s life

    Anyway, read Revelation and how things end is clearly spelled out.

  20. Funny, alot of truth to that article. When truth inevitably comes out it seems that there are those who get hurt. Blinded by foolish/selfish pride.

  21. I second a previous commenter ‘s “wow”. First place? Nah. Lots of mixed messages and over generalizations in this article that aren’t based in fact. It’s one thing to express your opinions about society’s ills. It’s quite another to place blame wholly on a particular segment, such as women, in applying your view of “feminism”, and your take on Biblical principals. I cringed reading this, and I’m by no means a snowflake. But on a brighter note, welcome to the Redoubt! Here’s hoping you won’t offend a strong minded, self sufficient, capable, independent, mountain woman that you might need help from one day. LOL. Awkward. I’m not trying to be rude. My intent is to gently chide the author towards a kinder, more merciful approach, remembering that in this fallen world, the evil one will take advantage of every situation.

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