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  1. Old Bobbert, a very thought provoking article, containing excellent guidance for all. My family and ancestors have fought and died for this country from the Revolutionary War all the way up to the first Gulf War. We are a family of patriots and defenders of freedom. Teaching our youth to become patriots and preppers is a noble endeavor, and we do try; but only a few will walk that path. We were Scout leaders and taught camping and simple survival skills. Like you I have volunteered with recovering substance abusers. Like you I am active in my church and have led “preparedness fairs” for communities city-wide. Without wise and disciplined teachers and leaders the youth and other sheep will continue to succumb to the easy way of life by letting others provide for them.

    Unfortunately I am too old to fight, but I can still resist and educate. I am watching our cities and government spiral out of control and soon this country will be in total anarchy. As our current veterans and LEOs know, when you suffer and bleed defending this country, freedom has a high cost and those who abuse it make me angry. The current “anti-history” destruction going on in America with local governments allowing it, is beyond my comprehension. It reminds me of ISIS destroying a thousand years of history in the mid-east because it doesn’t fit their ideology.

    1. Never underestimate your ability to fight over the years, just reevaluate the method of fighting. Teaching the younger generations is everything. My parents were classic baby boomers in the worst sense. Classic, “why didn’t the government fix this” people. [sorry mom still love you]. Drugs, drinking and police took up most of my high school years.

      It was my great-depression era grandparents that set the groundwork for my later years. They encouraged my military service, helped me to develop analytical thinking, and showed me how important character is. What they setup, my drill Sargent set in place with his boot.

      To this day, with my nieces and nephews, I drive home the need to ask questions, think critically and look for the motive behind what people expect them to believe in school. I may not be able to keep them from going astray, but I can help build a foundation for them to return to later in life.

      I am perfectly fine being the crazy uncle, so long as it’s the crazy uncle that makes them think. If we don’t teach them that, I can guarantee they will never learn to think in school.

  2. Surely any reading of the repeated failures of Israel to maintain their covenant with God warns us that while any list of “never again will we” principles may reflect valid goals however the overriding principle is that man is a fallen creature and is prone fall for the same deceptions that have swayed him over the centuries. The prophet Micah summed it up nicely when he wrote (paraphrase) that there only three things God requires:
    1. Do justice to everyone
    2. Love mercy. Live in an attitude of thankfulness for the gift of God’s Son.
    3. Walk humbly. Pride goes before a SHTF event.
    Truer words were never spoken.

  3. Old Bobbert,
    I concur with your thoughts and would like to add one point: You can’t save everyone. There are those, destined by God or fate, to destroy themselves. Whether it be drugs, radical ideology, family, friend, or foe, there are those that simply cannot be reached. I believe the time has come to concentrate our efforts to educate on those who truly show the willingness to learn and change. After years of banging my head against a virtual wall of ignorance and complacency constructed by a younger generation, I have turned my energy to the 60+ crowd. More specifically the people who are now in the twilight of their lives, lulled to sleep by the comfort of pension payments and golf. What more noble cause can one pursue than to use the power of accumulated fiat and the voice of age and wisdom to influence the future of their children and grandchildren. Let the future generations proclaim it: “Granddaddy/Grandma was a patriot! They went to every city council meeting, every Board of Supervisors meeting, and never missed voting in any election so that I could be FREE!” Instead of leaving a legacy of quiet submission, let your grandchildren inherit thundering echoes of your voice demanding their freedom.

  4. I agree with this article & believe it will help. However, we have prepper friends who have left their conservative Christian background & now have a multi-religious, pluralistic worldview, & their idea of community is much broader than presented here. In a post-disaster world, others will also listen to them b/c they are well-prepared & caring folks. So much will depend on what’s happening in one’s local area, & whether families & groups get along & develop cooperative relationships with other families & groups. On another popular Christian survivalist site, there are so many who see themselves as the little dictators of their groups/families -i.e. “It’s my group, & I will make the decisions. End of discussion.” & this by conservative Christian folks. Attitudes like that deeply concern me. I’d like to see an article on balancing authority & decision-making in a survivalist group.

  5. “A Government-Dependent Education System Must Discontinue” -Old Bobert
    I agree so much! Education forms the way we think and our opinions. That is extremely powerful and shouldn’t be trusted to an organization which gets its power from public opinion, do to the glaring conflict of interest.
    To quote someone else using the definition of Church as ‘an organization that shapes people how to think’ thus alluding to academia and media
    “The root problem with a state church in a democratic state is that, to believe in democracy, one must believe that the levers of power terminate with the voters. But if your democracy has an effective state church, the actual levers of power pass through the voters, and go back to the church. The church teaches the voters what to think; the voters tell the politicians what to do. Naturally, it is easy for the politicians to short-circuit this process and just listen to the bishops.” -Mencius Moldbug

  6. Robert, you offer some excellent counsel; bless you for that. With all due respect, I’d like to point out some fallacies in your article with respect to logic, American civics, vocabulary, and common practice today of which you are apparently unaware.

    I am ignorant in many areas of life and I’ve done many stupid things (and will surely do others). But I always appreciate constructive criticism, and I hope you’re like me in that respect. I offer these reflections on your essay, in that light.

    You wrote:

    “We must know, and we must teach, that the individual’s non-participation in local and state governments has been the foundation of the dominance and corruption of the upper levels of our present government. One “I didn’t vote” at a time has become the grave yard [sic] of freedom and free people.”

    You have the kernel there, but your (apparent) belief that voting is the highest form of ‘participation’ is twisting your American civics into a statist pretzel. As I explain in Chapter One of my 2015 book ‘Fear The People’ (available as a free eBook on our site): We The People are the TOP level of government in America! We are ABOVE the Congress, presidents and their staffs, and above the federal courts — yes, even above the US Supreme Court!

    But of course, we don’t know that. We’re ignorant (that just means lacking information); my book ‘Fear The People’ dispels all the myths and lies you learned in government schools and private schools, and just gives you straight, basic civics.


    Because we’ve never known HOW to superintend these servants and hold them strictly to the stipulations we put in the Constitution, we complain a lot but do nothing!

    Incidentally, for pastors who preach the perverted ‘Render Unto Caesar’ nonsense, I recommend Appendix A of that book. It sets the reader straight about who is ‘the higher powers appointed over you’ (by the LORD) in Romans 13…the highest power in American law is We The People, collectively!

    Just under us in the hierarchy of Romans 13 powers is the Constitution itself, which every public servant MUST obey, or face prison time and seizure of assets!

    How to do this? I explain it in ‘Fear The People’, and in shorter form in the booklet TACTICAL CIVICS™ (see below).

    You wrote:

    “We have a constitution that many still cling to dearly and sincerely believe it to be a divine gift from God. That founding document of principles and covenants and empowerment of the individual has been the supreme example to all the world for more than two hundred years. We must renew our allegiance and our personal protection of that special divine concept of freedom. It is not broken, and it is not in need of repair.”

    No, brother. The Constitution for the United States is the highest LAW in this republic, by which We The People created, defined, and severely LIMIT our servants’ offices and functions. Anything they do beyond those limits is HIGH CRIME; in many cases, multi-billion-dollar crime impacting not only us but many other sovereign peoples of the world.

    TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the only full-spectrum solution to arrest, depopulate, and de-legitimize Washington DC: the most ruthless, lawless city-state in the history of mankind.

    Voting? When facing organized crime on this level, merely dropping a few new *naifs* into the snake pit every biennium will scarcely arrest that organized crime. There are *tens of thousands* of felons operating the Deep State, with Congress being the key (ATM machine and legitimizer).

    In the very brief chapters 4 and 5 of the booklet, see our proposed law enforcement regime. It’s nothing new; in fact, it’s older than the Constitution…the tactical alliance of Grand Jury and duly-constituted Militia, with presentments produced against high-value targets (legislators) by the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.

    You wrote:

    “We will rue that day that we fail to teach that the family is the single most important element of our new society. Our schools must teach and enable our youth to be self reliant and responsible both for their actions and for their omissions. We must enable the youth of our nation to love their freedoms and to be fully capable of defending our new society. This will require that universal military training be a weekly event in every senior high school.”

    Wait…’universal military training’?? Our schools?? Speaking of the family as society’s basic unit, what about the millions of us who homeschool our children and grandchildren?

    As for universal training, the LAW is laid out in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the US Constitution…that the CITIZEN MILITIA will “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”, and in Clause 16 we stipulate that our STATE government will see to it, and that the training standards can be set by Congress.

    So why are We The People not demanding and superintending all of this, that is OUR authority and power?!! Here we have what has been for 230 years the highest law in America. That clause 15, incidentally, is the ONLY place in our supreme Law where we demand a duty of ourselves…We The People, the apex sovereigns over government. Everything else in that LAW, we are creating, defining, and limiting our SERVANTS.

    Satis verborum. I don’t want readers to think that I besmirch your excellent article in all the places with which I agree! If you will read just pages 1-5 of my newest booklet, TACTICAL CIVICS™, I hope you’ll be encouraged and emboldened to stand up as the founder of your county chapter or point a friend to the duty if you can’t. Let us know, and we will make it happen.

    All glory and honor and power to the LORD who has graced us with the unique norms and nobility of our fathers. I agree with you that the remnant (more than just preppers) faces a duty; I also say we face the first real opportunity in 230 years to actually ENFORCE our highest law. Let’s not abdicate one year more!

    The 38-page booklet TACTICAL CIVICS™ is a free download here…


    There’s much more on our website at http://TacticalCivics.com

    If you decide to stand up for your county, join our private Facebook group https://facebook.com/groups/tacticalcivics

    Grace and peace,
    David M Zuniga



  7. People out there Remember this is a creepy world and a creepy US society full of trap doors , dead ends and misinformation. STAY ALERRT STAY ALIVE. The place is full of deceit and deceptions. Check your top knot.

  8. Old Bobbert,

    Thought provoking! It is important to be hopeful and that means we must plan for that hope that is in us. Your article is encouraging, thank you.

    A true understanding of history starts with Genesis 1:1. If we can help people to comprehend the magnitude and metaphysics of the first sentence, that will help to build a foundation of truth for all else. :]

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