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  1. Prior to going fresh local seasonal organic, we acquired cases of MealsRejectedByEthiopians from that era, but dumped the stuff into our ‘TRADE ONLY’ pile after reading the ingredients == trans-fats and hydrogenated oils, rapeseed oil, safflower oil, and other murderers. Grains. And the worst evil == soy. How much was GMO?

    Instead of helping us prevail during a catastrophe, that poison would destroy our bodies nearly as quick as a tsunami or lurching hordes of the shambling undead.

  2. My family had a somewhat similar experience several weeks back. Famously (dangerouslyly) I enjoy pushing the true expiration of store bought goods.
    We have two types of MREs; Military and “Civilian”. The later often made by the same companies that do the Military but are sold and repackaged in plastic bags. These repackaged MREs are seriously lacking in the longevity department – due to there being none of the sealed Mylar and rubberized pouches except for the the lone main entree.
    Our test – was primarily with my son and I the Guinea pigs. The Military MRE was Beef and Ravioli from 2005 eaten without incident by my son. The Civilian MRE purchased in 2010 was eaten by me was terrible and made me sick.

  3. My history of MRE’S is from my work with the Govt., even before that were the C rations. The military style MRE’S lasted quite a bit longer than the civilian brands. MRE star being among one of them. The civilians got into the market during operation desert shield, it would seem that civilians were getting their hands on large quantities of them and stockpiles were running low. With all the Govt. abuse out there, this is what they focus on. In 1978, through 85 you could still get C rations, and they were given to us on board ship in the Navy during duty. (Like moterbaot duty in port) They were from Korea era. Those were the best and lasted the longest. The pork ones, indeed, we’re SPAM. But they did not come in a square can with SPAM on the front. The cans were cylindrical and olive drab in color, but it was SPAM,for sure.

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