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Letter Re: Veterinary Antibiotics and Medical Freezers

A lot of folks, myself included, have been buying fish/aquarium grade antibiotics for a while now. Recently my favorite source dried up. I called them to ask why they no longer had the products and they stated that it is becoming difficult to carry them because the FDA [1] is scrutinizing the industry. What was told to me was that the capsules were still available, in packs of 12. I did find other sources, but some publicly searchable web pages can no longer be found via Google – hidden pages that I couldn’t navigate to through the web sites search engine – I had to know the page URL. I think this source is going to dry up at some point, once the AMA [2]/FDA [1]/DEA [3] turn their attention to people using these sources as alternatives to ‘regular medicine’ they will get banned somehow.

But I do have a medical grade freezer, thanks to information gleaned from SurvivalBlog – I found a refurbished one for $70 at an auction. It had been rejected because the housing had some dents in it. I’m stocking up. Again). I wouldn’t take my ‘the sky is falling’ e-mail as gospel, but it might be worth a look into by someone with more time on their hands than me. – Jim H. in Colorado