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Letter Re: US Dollar Slide Versus Iraqi Dinars

Mr. Rawles,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I enjoy your blog daily and have read it almost from the start. I am currently in Iraq a little North of Joint Base Balad. On the local economy the Iraqi Dinar is 1000 dinars to 1 American dollar. However, the past few months if you want to pay with American dollars in the local economy, they are discounting it by 66%. What 1000 dinars buys, 1 dollar used to buy. Now it cost 3 dollars. At the local Iraqi police academy there is a stall that sells a type of coconut candy bar that I enjoy. They are now sold "three for 1000 Dinars" or one for one American dollar. It is amazing watching dirt poor Iraqis look at the dollar with disdain.

Keep up the good fight! – Clement in Iraq