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Letter Re: RS’s Story


I read RS’s story [1] with interest in the March 18th entry. It seems like it’s one of those situations that slowly snowballs out of control but thankfully had a happy ending. Personally, I would have called either the police or a tow service from the lodge to get into the “locked” car (although it turned out to be unnecessary), but I am mostly writing to suggest that RS invest in a couple of those FRS radios from the big box store or Amazon. While they don’t get nearly the range advertised, it may have allowed for communication during the separate hikes the two groups took, particularly after his son was injured. I keep a couple in our cars and in the pre-cell phone days. My family and I used them quite often to communicate when we split up at large events or at malls. Even now, although we mostly use our cell phones for such things, I keep them in the car in the event we’re in an area with no service or for those occasions when we’re driving separate cars on a trip together. Particularly when driving I’ve found them to be extremely helpful; it’s much easier to key the mike and relay a message than trying to manipulate my phone to make a call or send a text, even with a voice texting capable phone. I have noticed my driving abilities decrease dramatically when I use my phone while driving, so I rarely do it anymore, not to mention it is illegal just about everywhere. I’m glad everything turned out well for RS and his family.