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Letter Re: Being Anonymous, by Spotlight


It’s well written [1], and he makes good points. Many are things I do. On the other hand, I routinely wear a tie, appear on television commercials promoting my business, and am active on social media. I have even run for political office. Having an excess of energy, I actually knocked on 4,500 doors. I should be out of luck by Spotlight’s standard. Interestingly enough people seem to be so socially conscious about position that you are simply not recognized by people you work with regularly (not friends) when you switch from your coat and tie brand to a paint-stained flannel shirt, pickup truck loaded with tools, and a three-day beard. They look right past you.

I will pick a nit on the whole gray man concept. We have duties as citizens that mean you should know and work with your mayor, city council members, county commissioners, state reps, and even congressmen and senators. I believe we all have a duty to contribute to our community to make it work. When we don’t, it does not, and we end up in the ditch as a society. – R.V.