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  1. Thanks for the review, Pat. I’ve order one for evaluation as an EDC item.

    Currently, my EDC knives are a Buck Stockman and the very small Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife (1-1/4″ blade, fingernail file/SS screwdriver blade, scissors, toothpick, tweezer).

    1. I received my Kershaw Shuffle DIY knife yesterday. Made in China, as the price strongly suggests. Initial impressions: above average construction, fit, and finish; the blade was acceptably sharp and a few minutes on my Spyderco Sharpmaker put a very sharp edge on it–we’ll see how long it lasts; the pocket clip is very robust, and in my experience, will quickly wear out the pocket or waist band seam to which it is clipped; the security of the driver bits is questionable as a few repetitions of removing the knife from my pocket started one of the bits out of its storage pocket. I prefer a clip-point blade, but this blade should be good for general, light- to medium-duty use–I used it yesterday to remove some dried bark from wood destined to be turned on my lathe. It is well worth the $20 I paid through Amazon.

  2. When it comes to most things you get what you pay for. You used to be able to buy an R.G. Rohn 38 spcl revolver for 39.95 but it was not as good as a Colt or Smith, Knives fall into this category, If you are buying an EDC folder that your life might depend on don’t go cheap, save the cheap knives for your glove box, range bag and tackle box.

  3. Nice review as usual but have to disagree a little. Knives made in Japan, especially Seki City and Moki seem to be of good quality in my opinion. China and Taiwan not so much of the ones I’ve seen but I’m sure there are some that are fine. Usually you get what you pay for. Have you ever shown the fellow at the gun store a Benchmade or a ZT? Probably not.

    1. ZT?? Keep in mind Pat mentioned the gun store fellow likes small knives. All the ZTs I’ve seen are pretty large. Any small ones please let me know… But yes, I do have a Benchmade and love it. He probably would too if he could get past the price.

  4. Another possibility is the Buck Xtract models, there are several choices. Recently discontinued but still available – check them out. All tools designed to be deployed with ONE hand (rumor was a sailer was the inspiration for this). About the same size as the Kershaw, but likely a little more $$$ is involved.

    Here is a Youtube review of it:


    Thank you for your review of the above.

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