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  1. Great review thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I love the statement “I give her my pat answer “I only need one more…” I was laughing out loud at the local coffee shop. Thank you for a great review Mr. Cascio.

  2. Been a GK fan since he came to the states. “Genius” does describe his design abilities. When he first published hints of a 762×51 bullpup my interests were piqued. The videos of the Kel-Tec PMR-30 in its design phase came in full auto and were exceptional. There’s a lot of snickers from the brand snobs when the Kel-Tec name is brought up but by George the guns are well designed, produced and service is impeccable. Been to the facility and all of his employees are offered NRA memberships and free to carry on site.

  3. I have shot some of the Kel Tec firearms that a friend of mine has, and with both the SU16 and the Sub2000 both was constantly jamming even after trying several different mags. So when I wanted a rifle to break down and carry I chose the Ruger PC9. These are more expensive than the Kel Tec’s but the quality is much better and I have fired over 1,000 rounds thru mine with not one problem. Also with the Ruger, you can change out the mag well to change to Glock magazines instead of the more expensive Ruger mags. The RDB-17 looks interesting even I am not a Bull Pup fan.

  4. Light perceived recoil is a common benefit with the “straight line” design. I’ve always like the balance and “handiness” of bullpups, but always hated the triggers. Because of you, I’ll check out Kel-tec.

  5. Good review of the Kel-Tec Bullpup. “…George Kellgren, and he is a firearms design genius.” = Pat Cascio is right.

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    The footage ABC News used in their broadcast comes from a nighttime machine gun demonstration at the ~>Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky. The stunning propaganda effort was first caught by Twitter user PolishPatriot.”

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    May God continue to Bless America. We have our freedoms because of the 2nd Amendment; our citizens can (and do) own good firearms and ammunition.

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