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  1. Jolly Ranchers:

    I stock a few big bags of these with saltines, which was a basic CD ration back in the 1960s and also the SAS folks seem to mention boiled sweets a lot in their writings…

    The trouble is if they get too hot, the wrappers stick to the candy, making it hard to remove. In the tropics, you shouldn’t keep these in your pocket, they get sticky real fast…

  2. Just got a shipment of several copies of the new book Big Brother in the Exam Room by Twila Blasé. HIGHLY recommended. Buy one and get one to share! You’ll be shocked — even if you think you know the story — at the long, tenacious road taken by politicians and bureaucrats in every administration since Clinton to take away the humanity from healthcare, completely eviscerate your privacy, and push up healthcare costs by forcing electronic records. Not just a complaint manual, she includes a list of action items, too.

  3. Re:hoffner knives. After reading this post I went to their website and registered. Looked like pretty good knives, but a little more than I wanted to spend. The next day I got an email from Hoffner welcoming me, and giving me a buy one get one free code. So I bit the bullet and received my knives in GA 3 days later. I must say so far these a really good knives and at 2 for basically $80.00, they’re a steal.

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