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  1. We’ve been grinding hundreds of pounds of wheat, corn, nuts & coffee for many years. And found the GrainMaker Mill made in Stevensville, MT absolutely outstanding. Bonnie an avid baker incouraged her husband (with a long interesting history in machining) to make her a mill…
    The rest is history! We have had ours early on in production & couldn’t be happier with their products, service and have visited the shop in the Bitterroot Valley a number of times.

  2. I would also suggest “The Winter Survival Handbook.” Tim MacWelch has a few books out, and they are loaded with good information. I took a couple of classes from him. He can just walk around outside and immediately point out what you can eat, what to avoid, and what might come in handy. I ended up following him around with a notebook just to capture all of the information because it was coming in too fast to remember. He’s great!

  3. I also highly recommend Victory at Sea! I’m an AF vet but I grew up looking forward to watching it every Sunday nite on our first B&W TV. I was elated to find it re-issued on DVD. I got mine at a Cracker Barrel; very inexpensively – abt. $10.00 I have given gift copies to my Navy friends. Great music and moving combat footage. Even if you don’t watch the video, just listening to the music in the background is wonderful! Very well done! Worth every penny!!

  4. James, though I know you’re an honorable, honest man, never hesitate to recommend ANY of your books – especially How to Survive TEOTWAWKI. I’ve given many copies to friends and associates. It remains, IMHO, the best, most concise instructional volume on this subject available. It is an invaluable tool to jump-start those who haven’t spent years thinking about this subject. I’m looking forward to future works!

  5. Check out the book called The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler.

    After all our years together with me prepping and my sweet spouse staying at arm’s length, she initiated a conversation based on reading this book.

    You may have some resistance to Ms. Butler’s personal stance, so be aware YMMV.

    Carry on.

  6. My husband is working on motorizing my country living grain mill. I recently decided I needed to grind corn for my chickens, so he is working on it. He found a used motor and is working on gearing it way down so it’s slow enough. I guess he is going to build a cart to mount it all to, since it will have 4 levels of pulleys (3 shelves). He is good enough to figure out which size it all needs to be.

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