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  1. I enjoyed “How it Ends” despite the cliches as mentioned. I was fully prepared to not like the film, expecting a left leaning show about the futility of trying to survive the inevitable, or a cautionary tale of not taking care of the Earth etc etc, yet the ending was unexpected (at least to me). Our “hero” actually began to see all the warning signs and acted on them.

  2. I thought it was interesting that they never identified the source of the “End”, but left it open. Also thought it interesting that the father chose to use his Cadillac as a BOV, rather than rent an SUV.

  3. The movie “How it ends” was a compilation of every prepping cliché ever devised.
    Good movie for newbies, entertaining for intermediate folks, and had me hollering at the screen…. no, don’t stop the car!!!!

  4. The movie was a survivalist romp. And the scenery was great. I like actor Theo, and Forrest always shows powerful acting. I was a little disappointed in the dialogue and directing, and my non-prepper spouse was pointing out things with a few remarks. Well, we weren’t watching Home and Garden after all, and she thought it would have been a better choice.

  5. I loved on how it ends they grab diesel fuel from a military train to fill up his Cadillac… like bro there’s a train full of armored military vehicles one of the conexs was bound to have arms and ammo……. but alas lets put diesel in the gas burner and pray to gods of hollywood.

  6. Costco has brand new steel ammo can set for sub $20, believe it’s $16. A 30 cal nested inside a 50 cal. Milspec. Easily best deal I’ve seen anywhere on ammo cans.

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