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    1. I am not sure where to find those at either, but I would like to know. Does anyone have an idea where to get them? Is it cardboard or something else?

  1. Got the Fixxxer mag pouches – glued some Velcro strips on the back of each pouch – so I now got back-to-back pouches that hold what I need in a nice, well priced solution. Bear in mind, found the larger capacity mags are tight fit and cover needs to be pulled tight. Nevertheless, good value and utility.

  2. Any links for the paperback version of “Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I”? I’d prefer to have paper, than Amazon reaching in and removing it off the Kindle reader anytime they choose.

  3. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is starting a new venue for content creators. It will launch on July 4 this summer. It will be called Real.Video. You can enter that into your browser and go to the page-holder site. There you can “pre-register” to have a channel. I don’t know how it will all work as far as advertisers and such, but I know Mike Adams is a solid guy and a patriot. Check it out if you have a YouTube channel and want to move it.

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