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  1. Max Velocity: The Combat Reload.
    Mr. Velocity makes an excellent point about repetition and training to muscle memory. When situational awareness is paramount, maintaining observation of threat potentials while blindly (without looking) being able to properly handle, manipulate, reload, and operate your rifle, keeping eyes on other things, is important.

    Minority Report
    The movie misuses the name of Jesus more than a dozen times. The writers, producers, directors, actors, and even those consumers who accept and do not admonish those who hate God (Psalm 139) make league with the devil. I do not watch movies by those who have chosen their false god and insist that I be subjected to their blaspheming of our LORD. Want to know a major reason why we’ve lost our country; lack of righteous indignation toward the workers of inequity. Come out from soft Churchianity.

  2. The FEMA self study list has been shortened from what it once contained. It was designed for primarily first responders. local government officials, and hospitals to complete their required training. Anyone with a working knowledge of Command structure and CBRN will find the presentations to be extremely boring.

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