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You might have noticed that the former “Free Tibet” movement has quietly morphed into to the “Save Tibet” movement. I suppose that the word “Free” sounded too much like an active verb for those in the Kumbaya crowd…. I find that pitiful. Some of us still support the Khampas and their tactics. (Yes, there are still a few of them, stalwartly soldiering on. Sort of like The Forest Brotherhood, but without as much forest.)

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Good news from the Live Free Or Die State: State’s stand-your-ground law intact

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Chuck H. sent this news about declining aquifers in the Midwest: Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust

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The Homestead Store is running a 40% off sale on their excellent Homesteading DVD series.  This sale runs until the end of June, 2013. The discount code is HCP123.

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F.G. sent: Detroit Gun Rights Advocates Stage Successful Protest At ‘Guns For Groceries’ Event

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G.G. sent: The Government Wants A Backdoor Into Your Online Communications

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