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“I’ve previously pointed out that there is no longer ‘law’ as such, in the United States any more. Everything about the ‘nation’, which is no longer, properly speaking, even a nation anymore, is fraudulent, from its ‘money’ to its system of ‘justice’. Even something as simple and basic as openly fighting a ‘war’ is now beyond its bloated, cancerous make-believe structure.

I wouldn’t call the present system a dictatorship myself. Dictatorships are more open and direct. It is better described as a simulatorship, which is to say, rule by pretense. It is reminiscent of the latter days of the Soviet empire, when the Russian people pretended to work and the Soviet government pretended to pay them. In the latter days of the US empire, the federal government pretends its actions are within the limits set by the U.S. Constitution and the American people pretend to believe them.

If a corporate entity is too big to fail or too big to jail, then logic dictates it must be cut down to a size that permits both. Remember, corporations are not capitalism, they are creations of government and if they can’t reasonably be imprisoned, they can certainly be ‘executed.’ And if real American people can be ‘legally’ executed at the order of the president, then can there really be any doubt that artificial American people are also liable to termination on command as well?” – Vox Day

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