Jim’s Quote of the Day:


Harry: I’m sorry doctor, I can’t pay you, I haven’t got any money.

Dr. Strong: Money is one of the first symbols that disappeared.
                   Tell you what I could use though…
                   Some ammunition if you can spare it, I have a .45 too you know…

Harry: I only have a few, I can let you have four.

Dr. Strong: Don’t short yourself now.

Harry: That’s alright, The war’s over – we won.

Dr. Strong: Well, ding, ding for us!

– Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland) and Dr. Powell Strong (Willis Bouchey) bartering for medical services rendered in the movie, Panic in Year Zero (1962). (Screenplay by Jay Simms and John Morton, based on Ward Moore’s stories Lot and Lot’s Daughter.)

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