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  1. If you don’t like youtube practices just don’t go there. I doubt I have been there 3 times in 15 years. Same with google, use a different search engine. There is always a work around to beat the liberal agenda.
    You might consider books as an old fashion device to find information….sorta like back in the “old days”. Of course everybody expects information for free these days and books cost money.

  2. I’d like to read about Google doing that to sites because I haven’t seen factual, real info backing those claims up. I think we need to be sure of what’s real vs what isn’t, if to be taken seriously.

  3. “So, rather than by filing fruitless lawsuits, we have chosen to find alternative outlets and methodologies.”

    I strongly believe that this is the right approach. Whining to remain relevant by requesting to fight the war on enemy territory under enemy rules is, well, stupid.

    When all the content becomes vanilla, the little bit of chocolate out there will attract millions and millions who will then realize that they’ve been had. Prohibition doesn’t work, not even prohibition of ideas.

  4. Google’s search “de-listing” is equivalent to ripping the cards out of the world library’s card catalog. A form of vandalism that an actual institution like the Library of Congress would prosecute.

  5. Mike Adams at Natural news has started a new video hosting service to compete with YouTube. It was just launched last week and is still in beta. Check it out at beta.real.video

  6. What about Patreon.com as a video sharing site? I pay $1 a month for access to Viking preparedness and Patriot Nurse. So for $2 I get the information that I am interested in and they get a buck each. This is a way for likeminded people to support one another. I would pay $1 a month for Survivalblog. I suspect hundreds of thousands of people would. That would provide the resources for JWR to operate his site and perhaps expand the information available.

  7. We either take control of our world, or the leftist Elites will control us. I cut the TV off over a year ago, and I haven’t missed out on any news yet. I have my favorite blogs bookmarked and simply use that to access who/what I want. I posted a comment to Matt Bracken’s Facebook page and the AI or some such, flagged it as hate speech and told me that I “had to remove it.” No, I don’t. I have simply dropped Facebook from my life. Zuckerberg needs me to sell his advertising, I don’t need Facebook. In the beginning, Facebook was fun because you could say what you wanted: then Zuckerberg got “Leftist Religion” and is now on a quest to cleanse the world to his vision. Well-Christians have been working the fields for the Lord for over 2000 years and we still have a ways to go. I doubt Zuckerberg’s vision lasts that long. I am ordering less from Amazon, as I feel that we should be patronizing local businesses and rewarding them with our money and not Bezos. Think before you spend your cash.

    1. I am with you, Sandra. I have cut back on my consumption of stuff, esp. “MAde in China” stuff. Um, I bet Amazon sells a few “Made in China” items. When I buy local, I support my neighbors and nourish our community.

      Can we all agree that a healthy community enhances our survival and well-being, come what may?

      Amazon erodes community, for convenience. I choose community over convenience.

      Carry on.

  8. Also try the Unz Review at unz.com. This is run by Ron Unz and he has recently added a competitive universe of videos to compete with YouTube. I think he ran for either the house or senate, don’t remember which state. Conservative to Libertarian in philosophy. I don’t know about monitization, but at least the videos by conservatives and libertarians aren’t being censored.

  9. InfoWars should be marginalized, by Google and anyone else. Alex Jones is a charlatan who makes millions feeding the fears of the weak minded. He will give an account to the Almighty for his works.

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