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Influenza Pandemic Update:

US to Stop Counting Flu Cases, Too Many to Count [1]

Swine Flu Study Shows Hardest Hit Are Women [2]

Spring Swine Flu Put Many Already Hospitalized Patients Into ICU [3]

76 Children Have Died in US From Swine Flu [4]

Relenza Warning After Patient Dies Turning Flu Powder Into Liquid

US Study Confirms H1N1 Swine Flu More Serious in Young [5]

Areas Hard Hit By Swine Flu in Spring See Little Now [6]

Japan Tamiflu Resistant Teen Had No Tamiflu Record [7]

Swine Flu’s Surge in ICU Cases Reveals Winter’s Toll

Swine Flu Spreads Like Wildfire Across US, 19 Kids Die in One Week [8]