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Inflation Watch:

G.G. flagged this: Look Around: There’s Major Commodity Inflation Happening Everywhere [1]

A rush to buy tangibles: Argentines Say Buy Now as 25% Inflation Outlook Buoys Car Sales [2]

Carla M. wrote: “I have been shopping thrift shops all my life and when we moved to our current location that didn’t change. What has changed is that for the past three years sewing patterns had been .25 each, but two weeks ago the price jump to .99 each. As a side note, I can buy sewing patterns new for .99 when they go on sale at the local fabric and crafts stores.”

A correction to a previously posted item: The Applegate Farms Organic Hot Dogs (mentioned by Reader L.C. in Inflation Watch on September 13th) did in fact go from 8 to 7 hot dogs per pack and remain at the same price, but what L.C. might not have realized is that while the new package contains only 7 hot dogs, it has remained the same weight as the 8 hot dog pack. The 12 ounce weight is now distributed among 7 hot dogs instead of 8, making each hot dog in the new pack 14% larger than before. My apologies for posting any dezinformatsaya.