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How You Can Help Defend South Sudan

An event happened last summer that was hardly noticed by the global media. Following a lengthy civil war and free elections, the new nation of South Sudan was born [1]. This fledgling nation has some tough challenges ahead of it. Marauding Islamist guerillas (the Janjaweed [2]) from the north have had an ongoing campaign of burning villages, wholesale murder, and rape. The raiders even still take some slaves. The Janjaweed has been supported by the Sudanese government in Khartoum. After terrorizing Darfur and creating millions of refugees, according to intelligence analysts they are expected to next turn their attention to South Sudan. The latest twist in regional politics is that the new government in Libya is islamist–replacing Gaddafi’s largely secular government. This will likely put further pressure on Chad, the Darfur region of Sudan, and South Sudan. The people of South Sudan need both your prayers and your tangible support.

I highly recommend watching the documentary The Devil Came on Horseback [3], about the Sudanese genocide in Darfur. It is now available as a “Watch Instantly” streaming video on Netflix. You won’t appreciate the true gravity of the situation in Darfur and South Sudan until you have watched this film.

Looking at this situation strategically, what South Sudan needs is to establish well-trained and equipped village militias, to stop the marauders. The Janjaweed has been successful in their campaign of terror simply because in most villages, there was nobody shooting back at them. Once the villagers do start shooting back–accurately–then the Islamist raiders will stop. It is just that simple. But this will takes arms and training. This is where the American missionaries can help.

What is Needed:

  1. Prayer. Lots of it.
  2. Rallies and speeches aren’t enough. South Sudan needs boots on the ground. If our government doesn’t have the conviction to provide this, then our citizenry will.
  3. Organization and support infrastructure. The American volunteers need to have a support team–mostly in the U.S. These can all be volunteer retirees. Of immediate need are: a trustworthy banker, a travel coordinator, a logistics coordinator (preferably with some warehouse space near a major airport), a publicity coordinator, a South Sudan embassy liaison (someone that lives inside the D.C. beltway), and a congressional lobbyist (also someone that lives inside the D.C. beltway.)
  4. Logistics and fundraising volunteers in other friendly countries (particularly South Africa, Israel, Australia, Canada and England.)
  5. Copious funds need to be raised to arm the villagers. (Weapons, ammunition, web gear, cleaning equipment, HESCO bastions, et cetera.) Some of this could come from government grants. Some of the equipment could come from the south Sudan government, by way of the US government’s FMS [4] program.
  6. Funds need to be raised for volunteer American Mobile Training Teams (MTT)s and a small support team in the nation’s capitol, Juba [5]. This will include travel expenses, vehicles, weapons, field gear, fuel, meal stipends, and training expenses.)
  7. The MTTs need to be equipped and first get some brief “train the trainer” experience in the U.S. to master “The Way of the AK.” (AK armorer skills, marksmanship, and effective employment.)

Issues and Challenges

Key Goals:

  1. Share the gospel of Christ.
  2. Make every penny count. Create an all-volunteer organization with virtually no office overhead. (I recommend that it be modeled on The Gideons, where the volunteers actually pay annual dues.)
  3. Every man in a village with reasonable acumen will be trained as a minuteman style soldier. They will be trained to the best of their ability, preferably to the level of expert marksman.
  4. Develop resilient, redundant communications.
  5. Foster respect for the sovereignty of the South Sudan government.
  6. Security, peace and prosperity for the villagers.

My Hopes For Your Personal Mission:

  1. Volunteer your time.
  2. Encourage your Christian relatives with Iraq or Afghanistan combat experience to volunteer to go to South Sudan as missionaries. They will be “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” type missionaries. Particularly needed are: marksmanship trainers, armorers (with AK-47, G3, and M14 experience), infantry small unit tacticians, commo specialists, and medics.
  3. If you can’t spare the service of your sons and daughters, then send some money, AK-47 magazines, and .30 caliber rifle cleaning kits. Details on where and how to to do this will follow.
  4. Even if you can’t spare a dime, please pray for South Sudan and Darfur. Please make it part of your daily prayers.