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  1. Thanks for all that practical information. As always, the prepping never ends!

    In the Survival Blog archives is an article about how to treat appendicitis in a grid down situation. https://survivalblog.com/appendicitis-and-teotwawki-by-cynthia-j-koelker-md/

    Also, food-grade diatomaceous earth is a handy thing to stockpile. It kills insects, which would include lice, cockroaches, and fleas, by its microscopic structure. It can be taken internally to kill parasites and is safe for all mammals. Non-toxic and can be used in the garden against pests, too.

    I’m also a big proponent of colloidal silver, which kills ALL types of bacteria and viruses including ebola and flu virus. A solar CS generator can be purchased to make your own colloidal silver in a grid down situation.

    I also keep aloe vera gel stored as a burn remedy. And I have aloe vera seeds for later down the road.

  2. I use straight razors, old school and the modern one with a replacement blade. Since strops can be a pain, I mostly use the straight razor with a disposable blade. These are similar to those used in hospital pre-op.

    I must warn you though: if you ever choose to try a straight razor, stock up in small bandaids because there is one heck of a learning curve.

    1. Oh and no razor works better for cutting an edge around a beard than a straight razor. Plus you can get adapters for them that will let you trim the length of a beard.

  3. Don’t forget items for muscle pain and aches like Absorbine junior, icy hot, or capsasin creams, or oil of wintergreen. Manual labor work requirements in emergency scenario will be much greater. I have even thought about horse linaments for such purpose. My teenage daughter also swore by mane and tail shampoo for a few years!

  4. I have several pairs of scissors, they will be fine in trimming my beard. I somehow can’t see that shaving beards or womens legs will be a priority up there with feeding my family or protecting my loved ones.

  5. Sally Beauty Supply is a nationwide chain, I believe. The stores usually have a sign that says simply, “Sally” and they usually appear in strip malls.

    For salons that use so much shampoo during a week, it sells a concentrated shampoo in a gallon jug for $10-$11.00. Various scents are offered.

    Instructions say that eight parts water should be added to the concentrate.

    Nine gallons of shampoo for $11.00, about $1.25 a gallon, is a “whole lotta” shampoo.

    Just think of the positive effect on morale from having this inexpensive commodity available to provide clean hair and a clean body after a societal meltdown.

    1. I’ve tried the concentrated shampoo at the dilution recommended. Any water added kills the gel and you get thin runny liquid. At full dilution, it doesn’t work very well. Use it straight only, and be glad you got it by the gallon for the price. I stock better shampoo, and stock this stuff for barter.

  6. I could survive with a beard, in the meantime I will pass on that. I use 4 blade disposables and would typically get 3 shaves then it was dull, I read it was not the shaving but the oxidizing from getting wet that was making it dull and wow- pat dry after every shave and they seem to last forever.

    1. Yes, indeed. It is composed of fossilized diatoms which have sharp edges, and ‘scratches’ the shell of an insect, including lice, and they desiccate and die. Doesn’t harm mammals as it is too microscopic to affect us. Be careful to purchase only “food grade” and don’t inhale…it is light and fluffy. Safe and easy to use on kids and animals, too. You can order online or buy 30 lb. bag at feed store. People use it to de-worm livestock, too.

  7. Please consider getting plenty of leather gloves that fit you. Trying to work with too big gloves makes the job harder an can cause blisters. Most people don’t have callused hands and will experience cuts and blisters if they don’t wear gloves while doing outside work.

  8. One of the reasons the Army requires short hair and prohibits beards is the longer the hair, the more likely lice and other pests will take up residence. Sure, the Civil War soldiers all had beards, but half of the deaths during the war were from disease rather than battle. So the Lumbersexual look is out in the event of SHTF.

  9. When I was building my cabin in summer I found that a 5 gallon plastic jug of water got heated just fine by the sun after a few hours. I just set it on the tailgate, poured a gallon over me, soaped up and used the rest to rinse. Got clean and felt great afterwards.
    For those worried about long term SHTF; In the Middle East they install a hand sprayer next to the toilet instead of using TP. Works a whole lot better than TP too. As long as you have water, you can get clean. After all when you change a kid’s diaper you wash your hands not just wipe them on a towel. Easy enough to install off of the toilet supply line.

  10. Years ago I had scabies for over two years. I was successfully cured by a dermatologist. But out of total fear of getting this again I sought a preventative. Scabies is a form of itching torture. So I looked for information before I had the Internet. I have not seen this mentioned before but there is a Insect Repellent over in the camping or hunting section of Wally World that is Oderless PERMETHRIN. It is in a 12 fl.oz. hand pump Yellow Spray bottle. I also have dog shampoo with Rida Flea and Tick Formula, I use this to wash my hands and dogs. Scabies can be caught off of ancient book papers because they are made from wood. My doctor said sacbies can be caught in old rotting wood too. Anyway lice overthecounter treatments have permethrim with directions for treatment. I have sprayed a small spray of the insect repellent permethrim on my husbands clothes when in the washing machine to eleminate unwanted pests after he finished cutting wood for the stove. Any suggestions or discussion is welcome..We always have dog shampoo and Prethrin Spray on hand. This is not advice for you but just a story about how I keep my dogs and clothes free from stupid itchy things that this girl can live without. God Bless You.

  11. I’ve purchased a Chapin Pro series sprayer and its only for water and soap to clean up a muddy dog or a muddy kid. Simple to use and since you’ve labeled it for that one purpose it should always be ready to go. Great at a campsite. They have different sizes.

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