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  1. Hopefully, IF this occurs, those who cannot fight for whatever reasons, and I am included elderly and some women, will provide food, shelter, emergency medicine, etc. In any war, of whatever kind, that can be critical to the success.

  2. The Blues forget that all the food is grown in the Red center. Wouldn’t be too difficult to cut about 20 major bridges and subdue isolated blue zones (Dallas county, for example) and wait.

  3. So, what happens when the ammo runs out? And it will.

    The VC were supplied by the USSR and the PRC. North Vietnam shared a border with China.
    During WW-II, the US as well as the UK air dropped arms and ammo to the resistance in France.

    In some future conflict, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for help from either Canada or Mexico.

      1. @ Snotty Boy

        This is the best comment for this venue….

        I might add that you would need to not only remove any weapons/ammunition from the enemy, but also the uniforms/body armor and equipment to resupply your own Resistance Force. Nothing like wearing an Iranian UN uniform when they’re slated to police American Streets under Leftist/Statist rule and you’re overlooked on a Ridgeline due to blending in. Also confiscate all their military/command vehicles immediately removing any GPS tracking devices and one battery cable cutting all power to the vehicle. Take it back for inventory and stopping of all useful equipment or repurpose to your own Resistance inventory.

        Another point is to remove the bodies all together. Watch HLN network on forensic science in police investigations of murder. There is way too much information left at the scene with a dead body left for the investigators. There’s angle of shot by position of where the body fell, caliber of weapon used by bullet found, time of death by rigamortus gages/charts they use–that gives them the correct time to start pulling all camera feeds in surrounding public businesses/highway and private residences.

        You get the point–don’t ever leave a body behind! In all your military tactical training of clearing rooms, long range sniping, and self defense, how many of you bake in time/effort to inventory enemy equipment/weapons/equipment and then time to remove the bodies??????

        This is a necessary step in tactical training which is not being taught!

        Leave nothing behind and “take” all their equipment/bodies leaving the entire scene scrubbed as if they and you never were there!

        1. Don’t forget the psychological aspect of warfighting,captured are sources of information/disinformation(released/allowed to escape can carry false info back),in total warfare the mutilation of enemy has a profound effect on unit/home morale,you have to be prepared for the retaliation. The method descibed above is the favored one of the French Foreign Legion but has a large logistical footprint,for small unit gathering everything together for a bonfire of bodies and equipment not only destroys forensic evidence it is psychologically harmful(it would be almost impossible to silence the troops doing the cleanup) and require a logistical drain on the opfor.

  4. It would not take advanced skills or equipment to disrupt the food chain in America. Never underestimate what a determined individual could due with a lighter! Now imagine thousands of them! Read Atlas Shrugged:

    1. This is how I knew 9/11 was a false flag operation. I war gamed what my squad(12 men not 19)of Marines could of done to US infrastructure. We could of disrupted;communication,transport(rail and truck),power grid,water and sewage in many metropolitan areas(make them uninhabitable and cause major refugee(golden horde)problems). This was a 5 minute evaluation and would of had few if any direct losses of my Marines or civilians. Look for more actions as at Mahluer Refuge with FBI murder squads and snipers having direct action threats. A Hollywood depiction is a Rambo(First Blood) action without local support. Remember if it is a local”popular”(3%) action the damage to the civilian population(90%) must be very low or properly framed(abusive goverment actions retaliated against). The real world example is the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland from 1920 to today. Food,water,medicine and communication(propaganda),security are your main leverage points

  5. The US Government controlled by leftists may some day turn on the people (the despicables) but the US Armed Forces will not since they are manned by the sons and daughters of the despicables.

  6. Don’t believe they will try to take your guns ? check this out-

    XXXXXXX shared something posted by Alison Aires on F***book (minor spelling errors corrected):

    “You *can* legislate culture. You just don’t have the guts to do it. Prohibition was half-assed. The war on drugs is half-assed. Let me tell you how you *actually* get guns banned.

    You use the fucking data that the NSA has. You check membership in gun clubs, you check the surveillance footage to see who’s a regular at shooting ranges. You check the people who are associated with the NRA. You get yourself a good long list of the people in America who love guns.

    Then at random, regular intervals, you do spot checks on them. Stop-and-Frisk them in the streets, get warrants and search their houses, monitor their online activities. Conduct raids and spot checks.

    And when you inevitably catch these fuckers with banned material? You don’t haul them into a cushy prison. Once the gavel comes down, you haul their asses into the town square or the main road or whatever the local equivalent is and you execute them. Make sure everyone sees. Make sure they get a good, hard look at the fate that awaits those that disobey the law.

    Perform this ritual thrice a month or more for the length of a full year, and we see how many black markets people try to set up, how many Mafia members try to muscle in, with the threat of summary detention, with the threat of public execution.

    And if people rebel? If people get angry and erupt into civil war? Then you put them down. I do not care if they are MAGA, NRA members or poor black people trying to scrape a living. Those who violate the law have no place in civilized society.

    Perform things as I lay out, and I guarantee you that America will be free of guns in a year’s time. Except you won’t because you pussies that care more about civil liberties than properly enforcing legislation.” Link below-

    1. Most of the gun enthusiasts out here in the boonies don’t go to public shooting ranges b/c they have their own private ranges on their own private parties. So no cameras. As for the NRA, their families had guns long before the NRA. So they don’t see a need for the NRA or any gun rights organization. And local law enforcement sees things the same right, n local law enforcement doesn’t see a need to cooperate with the FBI or ATF. When the feds come around, everyone knows that a country boy will survive.

    2. The person who wrote this is obviously an amateur.

      Any self respecting Tyrant knows that first you arrest them in the middle of the night and terrorize the entire family including the women and children. Then you beat them and torture them in a secret prison until they are willing to publicly admit their guilt. You want the “criminal” to criticize himself in front of group people (preferably students who are loyal to the regime), and confess his crimes against the people. Its also desirable to have the criminal say he was serving the interests of some fill-in-the-blank Enemy of The State and implicate other people.

      THEN you get to publicly execute him. And don’t forget to send the family a bill for the cost of bullet used to kill him.

      Tisk, tisk… what are they teaching in the schools today? Oh the shame… surely Alison could be more brutal if she just tried a little harder. I’d suggest brushing up on the practices of Red China, North Korea, the Soviets and the Nazi’s for starters since the public schools probably never mentioned them (other than how neato communism is). But don’t fret Alison. I’m confident some future Tyrant has a pair of jack boots with your name on them. There are always positions open for right thinking girls like you.

  7. Sorry- I meant to expunge a few letters in the offending words included in my earlier post. I did not write it. I did not intend to offend anyone, and sometimes younger readers read this blog. My mistake.
    On another subject, regarding the fragility of our food distribution system, I submit the following anticdote. I did not write it. You can extrapolate the useful info contained within-https://eatonrapidsjoe.blogspot.com/2016/12/falling-pianos-part-ii.html

    A note to anyone with a blog- please do not require Goo-Lag, Tweeter, or F***book to post comments on your sites. Many like-minded people, me included, are banned from Y**Tube, Twatter, and associated abominations, and do not have Goo-Lag accounts, so we are prevented from leaving comments. I am grateful that SurvivalBlog dot com DOES NOT, and allows a wide variety of opinions to be expressed in the comments sections. This is really THE go-to site for us.

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