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  1. Don’t forget Americas first act of vehicular terror/homicide! On Thanksgiving Day, 1980, Priscilla Ford drove her Lincoln Continental up a crowded Virginia Street/casino row in Reno, Nevada. She mowed down over 30 people, killing 7. At the time, it was described as a mass murder, in today’s terms it would be an act of terror, although I don’t know what her motives were.

  2. While some advice like this may occasionally be relevant to part time survival lifestyles, any serious individual who lives a prepared and survival lifestyle is probably not going to find themselves packed into a crowd to begin with. They don’t hang out in an area where you have become “one of the cows in the herd” so to speak. Years ago, I realized I didn’t want to be thirty seats (in) from an aisle at an event, standing in a line along a street, or wandering through a mass of other people with limited sight and free space. Watching for vehicles became automatic many years ago when simple common decency in parking lots and at street corners vanished from areas with more than a few hundred residents. Now, it’s an automatic response to never find myself in the above described situations.

  3. I’m currently surrounded by armored vehicles thanks to the Oshkosh Truck Corp parking them all over town. Wait until one of those gets stolen and used as a weapon. Local police will be powerless in stopping it. Only an anti-armor weapon can stop that effectively, and even then it may take multiple hits. Just think of the fun we’ll have when the Golden Horde gets their hands on the hundreds of armored vehicles. You try to hold your house, they’ll ram one of these through it. Basic firearms will not cut it! Most of the armor will not be damaged by a .50 BMG, so there’s food for thought.

  4. You seem to have forgotten all the vehicle terror attacks in Israel…..If you haven’t noticed yet most of these terror activities the terrorist try them on Israel first, and everyone else second!!!

  5. We all live in a society where most people have somewhat the same thinking about living with others.Not mentioned enough is the fact that Christians of different denominations get along.
    Islam? not so much. If you can’t recognize the enemy.You are doomed.A mistake is thinking of Islam as being about the same as other religions in the west. what you are seeing in these terror attacks are the true believers.They are the ones following the teachings in their version of the bible. A hot potato nobody wants to talk about.

  6. At the very least…if you must walk among crowds, walk on the side of the street which faces oncoming traffic. You will have the advantage of seeing any suspicious vehicles coming.

  7. Where’s the LEFTs cry for vehicular bans or a Muslim ban? Any mass murder fitting their narrative (such as open boarders for Muslims to maim us and black homicides in Chicago) have no outcry – just gun control for all of us law abiding gun owners.

  8. It isn’t just planned attacks but the random out of control vehicle is a greater threat on average. The quality of the average driving skills has plummeted in the last two decades and the use of mind-altering pharmaceuticals has skyrocketed making (purposefully?) Roads, parking lots and adjacent structures are dangerous–from out of control vehicles. (How often do cars drive into store fronts in Florida?). This may be planned to outlaw private vehicle ownership.

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