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  1. Survivalblog is one of the few places I know of that is warning of this. This matches exactly with what I am seeing and experiencing. My husband lost his job due to a bad economy. I know several people who are out of work and can’t find a job. There are a few dumb jobs to be had, like working at the grocery store or Dollar General, but not good jobs. I see grim days ahead, yet I can’t talk about it with anyone because everyone else is SO dazzled with the grand economy that Trump is creating.

  2. Who knows what is in store for us? Only God! His ways are higher and His thoughts greater. The problem I have with this article and others like it is the assumption these bodies play by some form of rules or moral standards. Hardly! They could create some crazy policy out of thin air and kick this can down the road for a couple more decades. The threat to our economy like our world is the decline of morality. The repercussions of the lack therefore leads to our demise in whatever form the Lord so chooses.

    1. If you read your Mathew 24-25 you would likely agree that signs are evident that these years bring us closer to some type of start of Tribulation. Just the moral decay, which God did not put up with for Sodom and Gomorrah, is so egregious I am surprised He has waited this long. Although we do not know the day or the hour, as Christ points out we do know the season and this would most likely be that season. So pay attention and plan accordingly. You have no excuse to be caught unaware.

  3. A good analysis. However this will not help people. They do not want to believe this is happening so they ignore it. Americans are financially ignorant because of poor education over last 40 years and propaganda against them made legal by congress. Brexit and a change in Basel III allowing gold to be used as a tier one asset signal the next step downward for stock market etc.

  4. Great article.

    Reading it reminds me of what the fascist Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said,

    “Nothing in politics happens by accident.”

    It seems that nothing in economics happens by accident either.

  5. Mr Smith’s conclusions about “We the people” holding the elites accountable are not realistic in anyway.

    If the establishment is going to start the global reset there is nothing the people can do about. They hold virtually all the levers of power if the Federal Reserve plus President Trump and other global elites in Europe are in on it and actually engineering the collapse,( reset).

    I ask myself to what end? To wipe out trillions of dollars of wealth in a blink of an eye? And why would these nefarious elites care about a scape goat, who will care when food and fuel deliveries are exhausted in a week.
    As in Mr. Rawles’s book “Patriots” with its fiction of a collapse of global economies, cites throughout the world will burn to the ground. That is not good for business. Good luck ruling utter chaos.

    So what is truly gained for these power hungry elites?
    A new world order minus a few billion people.

    I think Jim Richards or Doug Casey or even Alexandra Cortez end time scenarios are more likely.

    Personally, I do not believe in any of these “fear trades”

  6. Martin Armstrong often talks about a hard economic landing and a global financial reset.

    He believes that the failure of the Euro to financially unify very economically diverse countries has taught the globalists not to try that again. You cannot have a common currency for strong and weak economies.

    Rather, there will be a global currency basket. Individual nations, or regions, will have their own local currencies for trading internally. However, all international trade will require local currency A to be converted into the global basket at their own exchange rate, and then the global basket will be converted into the local currency B at their exchange rate.

    He has also repeatedly stated that China will be the economic superpower of the world by 2032, in large part because of the insanely self destructive financial policies of the West.

    Before you decide that moving to China is a good idea, read about the Little Red App. It is terrifying. And gives you a look at just how tightly a future globalist government can control its people.

  7. When I write articles, (and I write a lot of training lesson plans for firearms, navigation, survival stuff), I clearly define abbreviations and acronyms. I read this posting 4 times and still don’t know what QE is. I can spend my time preparing or looking up definitions. Please, when writing, define your abbreviations so we don’t have to go back days, weeks, months to do the research you are trying to reveal. Thank You from all those who don’t have unlimited time to sit.

  8. QE = Fed Reserve printing more money

    I’d recommend investing in paper, because people will be burning Weimar dollars to heat their houses.

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