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  1. When did you originally buy your GG CNC machine?
    From the first article, it seemed that you had bought it recently, within the past 6 months or so.
    From the second article, now I read that you’ve had it for at least a year.
    Just curious. There may be changes to design, cost, availability, new model releases, that would be good to be current on.

  2. I was looking for one of these when I found a company called BROKEN ARMORY. It was more in my budget. I got a jig, all tooling and an 80% lower for $300. I thought “what the heck, it’s worth a try”. It worked wonderfully! I was amazed at the quality of the design and material used. I built my first lower and it was super easy but it does take more labor than the GG. (4 hours for my first one) and you need a drill press. The tool was such good quality that I have since sold it to friends (for $1) and bought it back when they were done several times. I would gladly recommend this product to anybody with a drill press. (no, I have nothing to do with this company). The most amusing thing about this company is that they are out of Kalifornia!!!! But they have a great product. I wonder how long before they relocate to Idaho or Texas.

    P.S. They also do 308’s

    1. The unit that we received had the basic tooling for an AR-15 pattern receiver. Everything except the receiver was included. Other tooling is available on their web site.

        1. @BobW,
          No. When we bought the original unit, it only did AR15s and that is the tooling that came with it. Defense Distributed does sell the other tooling/jigs on their website though. If you buy one used, you just sort of get what comes with it. If you order a new one, you can order it as you like. for the used, DD will sell you the tooling for it. I believe you can print the jigs on a 3D printer or buy them from DD.

  3. Now the GG2 has upgraded power supply/spindle/ and more room to do AR15/10 AR9 Glock/1911/sig and some other things in the works. You can do regular AR15 mill avg time is 2hrs to complete or you can do M4/M16 mill avg time 4hrs to mill. Now it does not matter if you have the rear pocket already milled out or not. The stock file the comes with the GG require the rear pocket already be milled out but there is files out there now that do that for you. So it’s not a problem. It takes only 20 min to mill a 1911. I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

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