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  1. I appreciate the effort Survivalblog and all the contributing authors make to educate us on how to prepare for disasters.

    Less appreciated are comment like “… if you can’t be bothered to do the required PT, you are kidding yourself. You shouldn’t even be bothering to look into tactical gear” in this and other articles.

    Of course we would all be better off with more PT. While I am not able to get in great shape, I do stockpile equipment for members of my group and so appreciate the information. I do not appreciate an attitude that if you do not personally do strenuous PT you might as well do nothing.

    It would be much more constructive to hear advise on some possible work arounds for those of us who cannot get in shape any longer and/or are stocking gear for others.

    Thank You

    1. The cold hard truth is that if you cannot carry the load of a fighting kit under combat conditions, then gathering tactical gear is not where a person should focus. As far as those with an inability to get to a foot patrol level, well there are vehicle operations. But this article does not address that style. There is also static operations, also not covered by this article. Tactical applications are not for everyone, even if you have a prize fighter’s body you may not have the mental capacity for it, or vice versa. Find other skills that will be beneficial to a group that are not hampered by physical abilities.

      1. I suppose that is correct. In my experience, this article will cater to the needs of about 10% of us, the rest being too sedentary or infirmed or old or… to make much use of the information. Good, solid stuff. I guess if I can’t cover 5 miles in rough terrain with a minimal load on foot in under an hour then this information probably won’t do me much good. Or maybe it will.

        There are other factors that can significantly influence the effectiveness of equipping for patrol. Mission-oriented combat role is but one facet, and not a big one for civilians. A lot of our fighting men have been defeated/killed by indigenous combatants who were in nowhere near proper combat fitness. The author describes one means of combat effectiveness, requiring certain levels of training, equipment, and condition. There are others.

  2. I agree with the tiered approach to your gear with the belt being the first line / most commonly used then toss on the rig / plate carrier if stuff gets serious.

    Recently did an 8 hour close to mid range carbine course in the Texas heat and only ran the battle belt. Had been trying different configurations of it at home and “practicing” but this was the first time to get out and use it all day. Was pleased with the setup. Nothing came loose and worked for what I needed. Similar to Max’s setup. Just recently removed the TQ from the IFAK and put it up front in place of one of the pistol mags.

    But like he says take your setup out and shake it down, run around, crawl, shoot, move, crouch, jump with it and see what works and what doesn’t. Half the fun is changing stuff up anyways till you get a system that works for you.

    Train up and be ready people.

    Happy 4th of July as well!

  3. I’m 60 years old. Bodies been pretty beat up. I’ve used it hard over my years. 29 years inner city fireman. I have no excuse besides being lazy not to be in the best shape I can be in. I know I’ll never be 23 years old again. I helped teach a paraplegic how to climb trees. (I’m now a tree worker and use ropes and mechanical advantage). He worked through it using his upper body. Seriously folks, we have no excuse to be the fittest you can be given your limitations. The best prep you can have is being as fit as you can be.

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