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  1. Great article! Have often purchased vegtables from my neighbors farm since i havent had time for gardening between the farm and my job. He uses the same concept of a picnic table out by the house unoccupied. Its interesting that he does very well and says people mostly feel like they wanna overpay a little to be fair. His sign simply says take what u want/pay what u want

  2. RJ:

    Are you willing to let us know your general location along the Canadian border? I live near the border also. I would like to start garden next year. Hopefully putting in a water line and critter fence this summer. Without a greenhouse, I don’t think I can plant outside until mid May, and won’t see harvest until end of summer. Do you have the option of other types of fruit trees where you live?

    1. DC

      We live in Washington state on the west side of the Cascades. Temperatures are in the mid to low 70’s in mid summer so vegetables like tomatoes need to be planted in the greenhouse or planted outside and covered with plastic in order to get a crop that starts in late June and lasts until mid September. Even corn does not due well here.

      I’ve tried peach trees but our climate is not warm enough to support them.

  3. Genesis 2: 15 “Then the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden, that he might dress it and keep it.” 1599 Geneva Bible

    Thanks for writing this article! I certainly relate to your mission. Often I walk from our house down to our newly-started orchard and garden to see if even a fraction of one tiny new leaf has started to emerge from lifeless-appearing trees or the bare soil. I rejoice with each one and get a rejuvenating thrill as each new planting starts to appear.

    I am just starting to use and learn about row tunnels:


    This is the one I tried this year, and liked it so much I just bought two more. The comparison between the plants inside it to those outside of it is staggering in just two weeks.

    The tunnels have twinned fiberglass rods in sleeves and they are very sturdy, holding up to winds. I slide the poles into the ground to the point where the fabric touches the soil. This reduces the cool breezes, reduces moisture loss by evaporation, and increasing soil warmth retention for higher crop growing ability in cool climates….especially for actual nighttime plant growth

    I have gardened off and on since a kid in the 1960s, and urge every prepper to plant something now to provide some source of food, if you aren’t already doing so. Anything from quick radishes to long term nut trees is better than doing nothing at all.

    On our new place this year I am breaking open pasture into new horticulture soil, so am investing heavily in soil amendments and labor.

    I am using up all my old seed that I can and just placed a big order to Baker Creek Seed to bulk up my seed reserves, which will be carefully stored in sealed tin containers. Right now Bakers Creek have free shipping on their seeds.

    My incoming seed reserve will go into baggies and then into refrigerator, or freezer for stasis. If not safely enclosed in one of those, it gets secured in rodent-proof metal tins with the lid secured and labeled with contents and date on blue tape, just like my Seeds for Security packets are protected.

    Anyone stopping by here next September will be welcome to sample two kinds of radishes, cucumbers, two kinds of beets, three kinds of tomatoes, three kinds of squash, five kinds of potatoes, 4 varieties of berries, turnips, two types of onions, garlic, two kinds of peas, kale, carrots, yacon, chives, if God who is bountiful in love and steadfast and true, blesses us with his usual abundance.

    Best wishes to all

  4. R.J., as a fellow eater of food from my own land, I appreciate the wisdom you offer.

    I’m curious about one thing. I notice many people, of all religious persuasions, use the same kind of phrase you did in your article: “Nothing is as good or as healthy as the stuff we grow.”

    I hold the opinion that we plant, water, weed, and otherwise tend the vegetables and God grows the food. If we are good stewards, that is.

    Please tell me what you think.

    Carry on

  5. Don’t ever let up fighting the LEFT wing unconstitutional and ungodly edicts. We are in the process of running them out of the American redoubt. The redoubt will be a sanctuary region for conservative Christians.

    My niece showed us posters at UNLV and they are forcing children to move to the rural areas and claiming it the only way for the Left to win the electoral college.

    Get them out. Now.

  6. We used to sell our pastured chickens, turkeys, bone broth, eggs, etc., at Farmers Markets and roadside stands. That ended last year. It could be the economy in general, but we found that people were no longer willing or able to pay a fair price for quality food.

  7. Jeff Davis,

    There are a number of “charitable organizations” as well as leftist groups which are moving people and “refugees” to conservative locations in droves. We are seeing it all along the Mountain West.

    Add to that well funded “high tech hubs” and the erosion of the west and the redoubt is happening quicker than I would like to see. The influx of folk from CA and WA into Meridian and Boise is just of many examples I could site.

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