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  1. Pretty good article, however I don’t agree that “America” is a sinking ship. Maybe our present Government is, but The Republic can and MUST be saved.

    God bless

    1. Interesting article. I never thought of linking digital currency to the mark of the beast. Definitely worth re-reading Revelation again although it is already my favorite book. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this article once it’s published.

    2. That’s what Lincoln said. Save Lincoln’s Republic? You mean save the Welfare State, the Warfare State, Police State, Prison State, Security State and Surveillance State, Abortion (now infanticide) State?

      You want to remain in a country with 65 million people (a whopping 51%) who in 2012 voted to RE-ELECT a Marxist? You think you can change them?

      The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.

      Start with a red-blue county map.

    1. America is currently the healthiest patient in the cancer ward. Nothing more.

      If you think America is the greatest country on Earth, ask the 65 million aborted babies how great they think it is.


  2. “• Mountains provide clean water, food and refuge; with the right tools and knowledge, you can potentially survive forever”

    That ^^^ is what everyone says. I seriously question the truth in that statement. For that statement to be true you would have live there now and have a very complete ideal setup. And make sure you boil that water.

    1. I’ll have to agree with Pete here. Water is available, if you filter or boil it to protect from giardia and other waterborne diseases. Now shelter, especially in the high mountains is possible to construct, but in wintertime will be a severe challenge for all but the most highly skilled outdoorsmen with proper clothing, boots and a good 4-season sleeping bag. In regards to food, yes, hunting and trapping are possible for experienced people. But most city slickers nowadays are good at texting and playing video games, but totally clueless when it comes to the proper use and maintenance of hunting weapons and trapping snares. Also, with large numbers of refugees hunting and trapping, most of the available game will be depleted after a while, and will flee to the wildest and most rugged high country. Not a good place for Video Game Joe and Tessie the Text Queen…

      1. Frank, the author specified, “with the right tools and knowledge”. Video Game Joe, Tessie the Text Queen and the vast majority of refugees do not meet that criteria. As for finding clean water, I can speak for the Redoubt. Again, ‘with the right tools and knowledge’ water would be no problem.

        I see one major red flag regarding the author’s statement, ‘keep moving until you reach Zion’. If you want to survive do it NOW before chaos hits. It takes several years to set up a self-reliant home and establish critical relationships with neighbors (think ‘tribe’). ‘Fleeing’ without a pre-determined, pre-provisioned location is simply evacuating. To evacuate risks becoming a refugee. DOT NOT BECOME A REFUGEE.

  3. My heart and the Spirit of God tell me that unless there is tremendous REPENTANCE in this nation that were are sunk. America could survive, but it will probably be broken into 3 or 4 smaller countries or regions that will be ruled over by who knows what. There may be nothing but chaos where tribes control their area or region. Too much innocent blood has been shed. As in the book of Revelation, there are too many people who shake their fist at God (Jehovah Elohim) or they are “asleep”.

  4. Elected officials have sold us out for the almighty dollar and vote, they have watered down our country with illegals for a voting base and take money under the table. ALL OF THEM ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. This great country is no more. Don’t believe me, go to any city in Minnesota or El Paso Texas for that matter.

  5. “I recommend finding refuge somewhere near the mountains of Central Europe. Africa and Asia also show promise of safe passage to the Promised Land.”

    Seriously, dude?

    1. At least they probably won’t have corrupt police, like the ones in Houston Texas, who on January 29th 2019, murdered Dennis Tuttle (honorably discharged vet) and his wife (cancer patient) Regina Nicholas. Afterwards it was discovered the police lied to get the warrant and were ready to plant drugs to frame the couple. All the while the head of the police union threatens to harm people who expose the truth.

  6. I’m not leaving America. I’ll stay and help fix it or stay and try to survive or I will stay and die here but I’m not leaving. I do think hard times are coming and a lot of your advice is good.

  7. I don’t think anywhere in the world is perfectly safe, but obviously some places are better/worse than others. I wouldn’t want to live in or near a Big City or other heavily urban area. I wouldn’t want to live in a deep blue (socialist) state, not even in a small town or rural area within that state.

    I do believe America is a sinking ship. However, most of the rest of the world is already a sunken ship, so I’m not sure going elsewhere would really be an improvement. There are no “safe havens” during the End Times. The best we can do is pick a place that isn’t quite as bad as most other places, then do what we can to protect ourselves and our families as things go from bad to worse.

    No where in the Bible does God promise His people easy times. In fact, just then opposite is true: Until Christ returns, God tells us that we will face suffering and persecution. His promise to us is that He will give us the strength to endure these times.

  8. I always believed that the Lord would guide me to which mountains to flee to. Ten years ago I left the biggest US city and now live in a mountainous region. I also believe that the Lord’s timing is beyond our comprehension, and that He will guide each of His children at the appropriate time and to the appropriate place. I appreciate your article and the desire to focus on Biblical guidance. I do, however, think that it is a mistake to make suggestions such as Central Europe, Asia or Africa. I would recommend instead that people trust the Lord for their guidance. Have faith.

    My daily prayers always include “Not my will, but Thy will be done”.

  9. I get a little bit nervous regarding End Times discussions.

    I was raised quite well versed in Premillennial Eschatology. This is not surprising in that it has become the dominant Eschatology in Protestant Christianity. It appears to have taken the lead with the advent of John Darby’s Dispensationalism in the 1800’s. Many Christians are unaware that there are other views on the subject which are Biblically sound such as Preterism, Amillenialsim and Postmillennialism.

    I get nervous about Premillennialism because it can produce some poor behavior in many people. An example is right in the house I live in. The brother of the general contractor of the house I live in, was totally convinced that the world was coming to an end and therefore nothing needed to be built that would last more than 25 years. My general contractor used his brother for some of the construction on this house and his statements have always worried me. Now to be fair I think he did adequate work but his reputation was not good.

    This is a small example but I have seen much worse over the years as people become so obsessed with the End Times that they behave irresponsibly in current times.

    I do not say Premillennialism is wrong. I do say for people to understand the other views. Many believers do not even know there are other views that are equally Biblically based.

    What is my view? The Bible is quite clear that the end could come at any time. That said, with one exception I see nothing particularly special about our current age when one reads it against the back drop of history. The exception is the formation of the State of Israel. And while I will continue to support Israel for many reasons including basically Paschal’s Wager, there are those who make a strong argument that the current Israel is not the Biblical Israel but an imposter. I am not willing to take the chance of pulling my support for Israel based on these arguments (which could just be antisemitism) but I am not willing to base my Eschatology totally on the current state of Israel.

    My basic argument for those who feel they have God’s time table dialed in is this. The New Testament records that there were two people total who understood Jesus first coming with any clarity at all prior to the cross. Anna and Simeon. Two obscure old people who it would appear God chose to reveal his plan to at least to some degree. Everyone else whether it be friend or foe misunderstood Jesus first coming even after enormous amounts of Bib!ical study. Why on Earth should anyone feel they have his second coming all figured out?

    I do not recommend everyone reject Premillennialism. I do recommend people study the alternatives and make sure that they do not fall into un-Biblical or irresponsible behaviors because they think the world will end tomorrow because “Revelation says so”. My observation of numerous decades is that, so far, the world did not end and therefore did not spare people from poor decision making.

    1. JBH

      I was brought up in the strict plymouth brethren, they of course taught the rapture fiercely, Darby , I found out through years of undoing my early brainwashing, much of what I was taught was utter trash, having had to study old Hebrew and original old Greek texts has enabled to see far better if you will in the texts as written, and guess what ? the word ” rapture ” does not occur in biblical texts, also Jesus never spoke or mentioned that a so called ” super secret ” event would occur and then all the evil naughty people would get their just deserts ( yes, being slightly tongue in cheek ), there are glaring errors also in pre dispensationalist teaching.

      Too many Christians use the excuse ” I am saved and all you rotten sinful people are all hellbound while I will escape any war, famine, etc ”

      I live my life each day, doing the best I can, to provide for myself, my family and perhaps those I encounter worse off than me, through, compassion, kindess and being firm in my beliefs and being just grateful for being alive and seeing the sun each day, I don’t bash people over the head telling them their going to hell or being a religious zealot, while hiding areas in my life that require me to change my own behavior or see that I have plain transgressed Gods immutable statutues while chastising other peoples ” faults “.

      I don’t have stickers on my car or beat people up over their beliefs, I try to lead by example of course, too many people get their knickers in a knot over those outside the church, frankly we ( those inside, really, really need to start paying darn close attention to how wolves are in among the sheep ! ) along with Marxist teachings that ARE in the Church now, and God expressly, with Apostle Paul, that judgments MUST begin [ among believers first ] before those outside the body are dealt with by God.

      Lastly, Israel ?, after years of reading and searching old texts and historical study, the modern state of Israel, I cannot see it as much more than a artifical humanist construct, Zionism, the flag of Israel and so much more are again humanist, anti Hebrew in origin, Israel it not free of socialism, and rabid left wing teachings, which owe origins to Stalin and Beria, so how is that of God ?, I say it isn’t, many, many Christians deliberately turn a blind eye to the socialism rife there.

      My mother is 90 this year, she vehemently vows she will be raptured, ahhh no she won’t, why ? study of texts does NOT support Christians being given a free ticket out of here without having gone through a lot of hard times, a lot of destruction, a lot of suffering, and no one knows when Jesus will come again, he [ Jesus ] does tell us, 3/4 of the Earths population will be dead, and the place will be so messed up, there is also no indication from text the timeline, or even the amount of time between mini or micro events forcasted in Revelation, I submit, you don’t know and neither do I .

      Best suggestion I offer is decide what direction your taking before you die, all the rest is not up to you.



      1. Tom, your words speak to me. As I read Matthew 24, the words that especially stood out to me were these: 9 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

        Let us be true to our hearts and be aware of the temptation Jesus notes, ie, “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other.” We will, no doubt, be sorely tempted.

        And, since Peter betrayed his master three times, we have no guarantees regarding our own fidelity.

        Carry on

        1. Once a marine

          thanks for reply, a further note if you will, the original text in old Greek is rendered thus…

          ” tote paradwsousin umaV eiV qliyin kai apoktenousin umaV kai esesqe misoumenoi upo pantwn twn eqnwn dia to onoma mou ”

          -Stephens 1550 Rextus-

          Young’s Literal Translation

          ” 24:9 then they shall deliver you up to tribulation, and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated by all the nations because of my name; ”

          further in the text V11 to V13 the English reading say’s ” many ” and ” most ” , as someone versed in old Greek, the translators left out some crucial meaning, so the words ” many ” was chosen. The actual Greek words were ” “, which is a noun, and guess what ? ” the many ” means the majority……

          there are estimated by Pew research to be 350 to 400 million Pentecosals and growing, they are growing by being awed by signs of Angel ” feathers ” [ I mean really ? ] , gold dust , peoples teeth converting to gold, raising people from the dead by laying on of hands and babbling a incoherant gobblygook, few study and read the original texts, in their entirety and in context. That means quite simply hundreds of millions are on very shaky ground of ending up in a very bad place, I ask and encourage anyone to be as the Bereans…….

          If me, you and millions upon millions of Christians don’t do that, there dumber than a box of rocks as my friends in GA say…..

          Peace to all


          God can do anything, [ of course ] but he still operates within the framework of the cosmic laws he himself set up, sometimes he does random things, that is a whole new essay.

    2. “Why on Earth should anyone feel they have his second coming all figured out?”
      Because some make a lot of money off of it…others don’t make anything off of it but buy into what those who are making money off of it have put out in the way of books, videos, podcasts, etc…

  10. Thank you for putting your heart on the line, Robert Paine. You are correct that the Storm to come is more than an economic or political or medical event.

    We should consider that there is a spiritual dimension, one that aligns with the Biblical End Times. And that puts a decidedly different spin on things, especially on how things are going to be resolved…

    It is a true worst-case scenario. We must go where God tells us to go, and do what God tells us to do – even if its something different from what He is telling others.

    I’m looking foward to your Part II.

    1. Folks who believe in the rapture as mentioned in the Bible (which is very Biblical) do not think they will escape persecution or really bad times…..The Bib!e in the book of Revelation teaches very clearly that the church up to the rapture will not undergo the wrath of God as mentioned in the various judgements poured out upon the earth during the great tribulation (aka Jacobs trouble, Daniels 70th week, etc)

  11. I love the Constitution and the Republic, I distrust our current Federal government, I will fight to the death the ‘mark’ and the New World Order. I am truly sorry friends, but, the Union was lost with the first shell fired on Ft. Sumter, the Republic was lost upon institution of the Federal Reserve. We lost our sovereignty upon the violation of the Monroe Doctrine and entry into WW1. Our entire civilization is corrupt, ‘by their fruits you shall know them’. We are all tainted by the blight of the Federal Government. That is not to say there are not ‘good people’ within the midst of the weeds, but we are suffocating! Most everybody has their finger in the Federal pie and that is how it has been intended to be. If they control your subsistence, they control you. How many people do you know who are “NOT” taking some form of “BENEFIT”!
    ANY Federal benefit has be STOLEN from all of us, the government generates no value. Oh, I cry for the vain deaths of our fathers.

  12. Our Heavenly Father

    Heavenly Father in the sky how we long to see your eyes,
    Much brighter than the Milky Way how we long to see your magnificent face. Heavenly Father what a wonder you really are up in the heavens so great and far, but not so far that you can’t hear our Heavenly cries. So, Heavenly Father don’t delay we long to see Your magnificent place, So far and wide in Your Heavenly realm where there will be no sorrow or pain, And you will wipe away all our tears and we dwell with You in infinite years. You are the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, we will be your people and You, our God for all ETERNITY.

    David W. Pellham 05/1986

  13. Interesting article. Just a short thought about where to go. In my opinion, the only safe places will be where people practice truth, honesty, and charity. I have been searching the globe to find a place where people live, and with whom I would like to associate. I haven’t found any places better than certain locations in America. If anyone has found a better place, please let me know. I know I can’t make it alone.

  14. Unless your retreat in the mountains is setup already, don’t think you will survive having never done it. Once the balloon goes up it’s to late to think you will survive in the wild having lived the city your whole life.

  15. Lots of real deep thinking and belief in this blog. The reply section shows the real concern we have for the future.
    A few of my thoughts:
    The bible is like an onion. Layer after layer of wisdom as we go deeper with each reading and study. Few get past the first layer. Always let the RED LETTERS be your final answer.
    The vision I received over the last 3 years is from Jeremiah. We will be exiles in our own land for generations. We are to build and raise families for the future. Our offspring will be the future missionaries.
    The only places that will survive will be communities that believe and plan for the times ahead. The bunker groups will eventually run out of food. The community groups will be growing and raising food while they learn how to live the mid 1800’s lifestyle.
    There are a lot of good resources out there but the future is like minded community.
    I just found “The Civil Defense Book” by Michael Mabee.
    He describes the community concept very well. He lives in the east and gets it. I am part of a small mountain farming area in california and we have been on the same path for 3 years.
    Last is, without faith we are lost.

  16. Secession will not work. Eventually they will corrupt and take over those seceded states as well, just as California took over Colorado and is now taking over Texas, Nevada and other states. The only way is to separate the wheat from the chaff. One side has to exterminate with extreme prejudice the other. There is no other way and never has been in the past or now.

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