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Embarrassing Truths: An Example of Why You Shouldn’t Trust Wikipedia

As I’ve mentioned before, Wikipedia’s editors have strong leftist and statist biases. This is evidenced by the way that they selectively delete content and gradually push the Point of View (POV) of articles to match their world views.

According a SurvivalBlog reader in Switzerland, the following section was deleted from Wikipedia by members of an anti-gun Wikipedia cabal on August 14, 2013. (It had been part of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns [1] article):

Members convicted of illegal activity
Some members of MAIG have been convicted of crimes. They include:
Baltimore, Maryland – Mayor Sheila Dixon [2]
Hartford, Connecticut – Mayor Eddie Perez [3]
Racine, Wisconsin – Mayor Gary Becker [4]
East Haven, Connecticut – Mayor April Capone Almon [5]

Detroit, Michigan – Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick [6]

Guttenberg, New Jersey – Mayor David Delle Donna [7]
Jackson, Mississippi – Mayor Frank Melton [8]

Passaic, New Jersey – Mayor Samuel Rivera [9]

Austin, Texas – Mayor Will Wynn [10]
Jersey City, New Jersey – Mayor Jerremiah Healy [11]
Birmingham, Alabama – Mayor Larry Langford [12]
Inglewood, California – Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn [13]
White Plains, New York – Mayor Adam Bradley [14]

Port St. Lucie, Florida – Mayor Patricia Christensen [15]

Hamilton, New Jersey – Mayor John Bencivengo [16]

Brownsville, Texas – Mayor Pat Ahumada [17]
Monticello, New York – Mayor Gordon Jenkins [18]

JWR Adds: Never mentioned in the Wiki article was the fact that there are charges pending against at least seven other members of their “crime fighting” organization:

Marcus Hook Mayor James ‘Jay’ Schiliro [19]. (The “furnishing alcohol to a minor” charge was just dropped on a technicality, but he still faces misdemeanor charges of official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment, in a bizarre incident where he tried to force a young man to have homosexual relations, at gunpoint.)

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack [20]

Spring Valley, New York Mayor Noramie Jasmin [21]

Coaldale Mayor Richard P. Corkery [22] (Still no formal charges, after two years!)

Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe [23]

West New York Mayor Felix Roque [24]

Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins [25]

And a couple more have left office without formal charges:

San Diego Mayor Bob “Filthy” Fillner [26]

Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello [27]

And then there are those who have shamelessly refused to leave office, despite clear proof of criminal and unethical behavior:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [28]

Portland Mayor Sam Adams [29]

East Orange Mayor Robert Bowser [30]

…among others. – J.W.R.