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    1. If you have questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you should go to them and have them explain it to you and answer your questions. If you ask others you will have “their” opinion. Not what that church teaches.

      1. Trust me I have talked to them. I ask the question because my wife and children have given into what I consider to be the Mormon lie about Joseph Smith. It is causing great conflict in the family as I hold onto my Christian views. If you ask Mormons they insist they are Christian, in fact they are the only real church. Everyone else is wrong. Put that together with 3 different heavens and how you can be the God of your own planet some day and I can’t bring myself to believe they are a true Christian church. Give the demonstrated knowledge of the writers I had hoped they may provide some additional insight on the topic.

  1. Truth is constant and universal. But Mormons change their eternal truths as they see fit and as the wind blows. Polygamy was their truth but now is not. And they say their religion is the only true one. That should tell you all you need to know right there. Mormon are “good people” following a false modern prophet

    1. Tom deplorable, I like short and direct statements like “Truth is constant and universal”–Right up to the point where you said “But”. I am not much of a scriptorian, nor religion professor. What I do have is a lot of years and miles traveled behind me. A big part of life for me has been about our perceptions. Here are a few about religions. “Here’s one that seems to imply that I can be saved if I send them money”–” Here’s another that seems to have had some sex abuse problems with its priest’s’–“Another that seems to suggest that I should believe in them or die”–” This one wanted his followers to drink the koolaid and follow him to the other side”–“One says there is no God”–“Another says there is a God but he is a woman”—–In my life, I have chosen to watch and learn about the person, whatever their beliefs or religion, and how they apply and live by principles. I follow this site for the wide range of insight it provides about things that interest me. Much of that information comes from folks with complete different views than mine, and its OK. Much of my career depended on being able to read people, their competence and skills on some inherently dangerous types of work. I learned an open mind can sometimes change long held assumptions, or perceptions. In my travels I have made lifelong friends of many diverse beliefs. That friendship is earned by mutual respect and trust whatever their belief.— There are beliefs that I don’t believe in, or agree with, and its still OK. My beliefs bring much comfort and security to myself and my family. I push them on no-one, and I refrain any criticism of their beliefs.–It is always good to keep our options open.–A wise man once said “Let he who is without fault throw the first rock”—-Another once said ” Never insult 7 men when all you are packing is a six shooter”—or something like that, I already said I wasn’t much of a scriptorian—Old Welder

  2. More brutal weather…more hibernation. Burning firewood at an incredible rate. One plus for all this horrible weather is it keeps me inside stocking guns and making a living, but that’s about it.
    Remind me not to complain when it gets hot this summer.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the heads-up. I consider myself to be a prayerful student of the Bible. I had never heard of this. I’m wondering what is wrong with the Ten Commandments? Since they were written with God’s own finger in stone, they seem pretty important.

  4. I also have been concerned about these new laws combining religions. I have prayed a lot about them and God brought to mind the hours and hours I spent as a child memorizing scripture and how that shaped my thinking in learning the mind of God. It has helped me to search out my path in life and discern good from evil. Quite often, what God shows me is good vs evil is polar opposite from what the world says is good and evil.

  5. Weather conditions in the Ozarks remain “mild” with temperatures in the 30-40 range, wind chills in the teens and rain. Zero snow but you know, with the grounds constantly wet from the rain and with the temps we’ve had, it just seems colder! There are times we wished we had the snow in order to have a white ground cover rather than the muck and mud.
    Valuable lesson learned during these periods of cold, don’t overextended oneself when performing “normal” activities. Case in point, stacking bails of straw used for gardening and chicken house. About two weeks ago I simply reached down to pick up a bail, was a little off center of the straw, lifted it up and my left shoulder made a strange “sound.” Thinking nothing of it (yes, I know!) I continued working the rest of the day. That night I realized the error of my ways and have been in a level of reduced activity since then. Word to the wise, our bodies adapt to the cold by tightening up a bit and before using it, warm it up with some stretches or light exercise and take a little extra time in doing your chores. Even though I’m on the other side of 70, there are plenty lessons to be learned.

  6. I see no conflict between the so-called “Noahide Laws” themselves, and Christianity, in either direction. Acknowledging Jesus as God is not polytheism, under standard Trinitarian doctrine. They look like pretty decent laws to live by, in this world.

    However I am aware of no Scriptural source for this “Noahide Covenant” as separate from the Ten Commandments, nor any authority for any type of immortality under it. So presenting this as a new path to salvation is as unScriptural as Mormonism or Islam…..make anything you want, that does not make it true.

    1. John,

      According to the Talmud/Rabbinic Judaism, believing in Jesus is Polytheism and Idol worship. The Trinity is Polytheism to them. Though, we believe that the Father Son and the Holy Spirit are a TRI-UNITY. They are ONE like a man and woman who marries become ONE. There is even a Hebrew word for this plural one, it is Echad אחד. The word for singular one is Yecheed- יחיד. Therefore when a man and woman marry they become one in the flesh: echad.

      Like wise in the Shema when it is prayed it says: “Hear O, Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is One” the word used is Echad, which means to us, the Holy Tri-unity of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are ONE.

      The Noahide laws are separate from the Ten Commandments and there is not a set scripture to back them up. The Ten Commandments are the laws we, Christians follow, and we follow them on a higher level, If one even THINKS about breaking them, it is as if one has already transgressed them.

      Rabbinic Judaism, does not hold solely to the Torah/Old Testament. They would rather read what their sages say (The Talmud which is also known as the Oral Law) about issues than search the scriptures to see what God Says in the Torah. It’s so sad! They love their sages/man rather than God.

      We all need to pray for the veil to be removed from their eyes and hearts.



  7. Thank you for posting about the Noahide Laws. You are “spot on” with your warnings. One website reports that there are 89 democratic senators and congressmen that hold dual Israeli citizenship. If someone can find the number of Republicans that have dual citizenship that would great. Now, before the antisemites go bashing me, let me tell you that I am a Biblical christian that believes in Yeshua (Jesus) as my savior.

    In August of last year, Chuck Baldwin also documented the dual citizenship issue in our Congress and there is NO law against it. The anti-Yeshua (Jesus) movement is palpable in this country. Thank you Avalanche Lily and JWR for sharing this information. I, too, ask that people do their own research in the Noahide laws and it being used as a tool to cleanse the planet of believers in Yeshua.



  8. These last couple of weeks we have doubled our efforts to store larger amounts of whole grains, flour, non-fat dry milk and sugar. We have moved much of the non-food items to a new storage shed to make room for the food products to be stored in climate controlled areas. We also have increased our amounts stored animal feed; which we store in sealable 55-gal drum containers.

    My rabbit does are starting to deliver their kits, so I’m up and down like a yoyo all night checking on them. A doe delivered one premmy so I have been keeping it warm and feeding it. The doe delivered the remaining kits 24 hours later so I put it in with the rest and watching it carefully.

    Our weather is nuts! We normally have mild winters with temps high in the 40s and lows in 30s. Two weeks ago we had ice storms and 15 degrees with 0 wind chill temps. Now the daffodils are up and the berry bushes are budding. Last year we had two late freezes which killed the fruit tree and berry bushes buds. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  9. Well as a CPA, I’m stooped in work at the moment (career work not the labor of love on our ranch). Since moving to the American Redoubt, I’m able to work four months a year and spend the rest of the year on the Ranch with family and entertaining/educating friends.

    To galvanize the move for some of you, this is not talked about much, but essentially it costs $2400/year to pay for our ranch. There’s no utility bills, nor mortgage, nor association dues. We pay property tax, insurance, propane, and firewood (which we will starting cutting/chopping ourselves saving $700 per year–that would bring the total down to $1700/year). If you remove the insurance, I don’t recommend, but most families have none here, it would be about a grand per year to live on many acres in a large log home. [I’m not factoring in any maintenance but wouldn’t do that in our “burbs” scenario either].

    It is a peaceful life now being away from the “burbs!” Let no man/woman or government authority take your land.

    I’ve seen in the People’s Republic of California recently, that the city council in the desert/rural areas are harassing homeowners forcing them to tear down their homes and move to the city (probably to give “watch” over them). Oh, they let them keep their land, you just can’t live on or cultivate it.

    The American Redoubt is worth fighting for and is the last bastion of hope for freedom lovers such as ourselves.

    God bless JWR/AL!

  10. The weather here in Ohio has been bouncy as well. Snow, rain, wind, sub freezing one day, forties to fifties the next. Sick animals at home, vehicle problems, “adult” children problems, I could go on you know. My wife and I are happy though. And it is good to hear from like minded souls. You’ll get no argument from me! Thanks for sharing. God bless and may we all bless God.

  11. Re. Noahide Laws. Very enlightening. Thank you.

    Here is the law Bush signed committing to Noahide Laws:
    H.J.Res.104 – To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”.

    Cute title…. much more pleasant than ‘Counterfeit 10 Commandments Day, U.S.A.’.

  12. Lily:

    I have just today spoken to a close friend of mine regarding these same things. We we
    re reminiscing about when, back in college some 20+ years ago, we talked about these things, and now they are coming to fruition. By no means to I consider myself or my friend to be prophets, but follow Jesus’ words of “You can read the signs of the sky, why can you not read the signs of the times?”

    I advocate EVERYONE to immerse themselves in scripture, and to fully understand what the Bible says (properly interpreted) regarding our present days. We are living in precarious times, not only in this country but the world as a whole. Stay strong and vigilant. “Let those who have ears to hear, hear!”

    I urge everyone to stay on top of what is happening, locally, in your state, in our nation and in the world. Just because you decide to go “off grid” does not exempt you from being informed, as well as being an influence for good. What the Bible says WILL come true. We are entering the Tribulation. We will have to endure suffering and the anti-christ. Many will be deceived, including the elect. Remember the words of St. Paul: “Stay sober and vigilant. Your adversary, the devil, roams around like a roaring lion, seeking those whom he may devour.”

    I send my blessings to you and Jim, who continue to stay strong and witness to the Truth.

  13. Went to a K-Mart that is closing to look for preparedness items. Picked up some gardening supplies, miscellaneous hardware and a compound bow for the kids.

    Picked up three 5 pound boxes of 12d 3 1/4 galvanized nails, 5 pairs of goatskin gloves, microscope slides and 2 dozen boiling flask for essential oil making, a bunch of small turnbuckles.

    Spent some time at the BOL today, putting on some hasp on the doors of a shelf. On the outside I will be posting up aerial photos of the BOL and Topo map of the township. Went out in the barn and put away some stuff.

  14. My seeds have arrived. I’m set for this year. I also went ahead and just ordered rhubarb crown rather than search them out from others. I am going to get a bit of horseradish root from a friend, I hope. In anticipation, I ordered a packet of Johnny’s greenhouse greens seeds.

    I’m heading back home to the Redoubt this week. Lots of exercise ahead…which I need after being confine to the cabin during the last month’s weather – interesting to say the least. I bought my flight late and was able to get an unusual bonus for me; an overnight layover in Chicago both coming and going. A chance to visit with the city living daughter, but, more importantly, a chance to check out the new security devices I ordered for her, bring her pounds of rice (her urban boyfriend just rolls his eyes), buy her groceries – including a number of stock up items – and laugh till we cried. I LOVE that my daughter is so on board with being prepared and safe!

    I’ve spent this trip (lots of delays) continuing to read up on greenhouses. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice. I hope there are others that found it as helpful as I have.

    To chime in on the current discussion…as a Catholic, I am standing on the age old principals we adhere to and the respect for life that the Catholic Church still adheres to. I do not feel comfortable discussing the current pope, but notice my lack of capitalization. Prayer is my pastime!

    This week, I bought a pound of our favorite loose tea and a box of plastic gloves. My goal is to keep at it, bit by bit. Every time I go grocery shopping, I aim to buy at least one item to add to the storage. While others dream of ideal vacations. I dream of stocked pantries and a full on “hardware” store stocked garage.

    Don’t let’s lose the faith. Keep on keeping on – or, as Once a Marine says, carry on.

  15. Which sects of Judaism? Which sects of Kabbalah? What is your source? Follow the money that supports your source!
    It is a very, very small slice of Jews who look at the Noahide laws as you are saying. The tribulation will be forced on everyone by a very small group of “ globalist G-D-less psychopaths. We of all religions other than there’s will suffer in kind.

    Think deeply about why this article- one source- was written. How has it caused you to think? Anti-anything is often began and perpetuated from False information pegged to a true event or story.

    The one true statement about all religions is- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. All the rest is commentary go forth and learn it!

    Do not be led astray by the G-D-less bigots as they build their one world anti-religion. They come from all directions and are not righteous at any level.

  16. You all are a great and thoughtful bunch. As we enter this new chapter in our country and our world, I find that I am becoming more and more of a prayer warrior day by day. I “suit” everyone I know up every morning with Ephesians 6:10-18, including all of you, in the full armor of God. So many to include, especially colleges and universities, parents, teachers, students, grandparents, the president, and also ask God to shine the light of truth on the DOJ, FBI, IRS et al., Whatever happened to wisdom and common sense?
    I liked what someone said about a little something on every trip to the store. That is definitely not overwhelming and kind of fun, especially when there are BOGOs to be had!

  17. Today we bought an oversize pet carrier at a yard sale. How is this pertinent? The first item on our ’10 Minute Grab and Go List’ (evacuation due to local threat) is ‘Secure our Maine Coon Cat in the vehicle’ before she spooks and hides or escapes through an open entry door.

  18. Absolutely agree on the Noahic laws.
    The Talmud is from the Devil and must be opposed.
    Jews need to be saved from their error not allowed to run into eternal damnation.
    It is the highest form of anti-Semitism to wish a Jew to burn in Gehenna for all eternity because they reject Jesus Christ. Hitler only destroyed the body.
    Counterfeit Gospels continue to come up and need to be rejected. They will contain a lot of truth (e.g. Sexual Immorality), but it only takes one bite from the forbidden fruit to sin.
    Israel is a controversial issue. I personally belive the modern secular socalist state of Israel with the “most LGBTQ friendly city” Tel Aviv created by the UN is not what was prophecized, but even if it is, we need to save them, first by saying they need to obey the Torah (not the Talmud), and that they should reconsider Jesus as Messiah.

    Pray hard. Although there are temporal aspects where physical weapons can be effective, the main battle is not against Flesh and Blood. Although I understand, even I am shocked at Divine Providence moving “chess pieces” to the Redoubt for the next stage – I’m not sure it will be a battle.

    There was a sermon that I didn’t bookmark talking about trusting God, and where a Quaker home was preserved among a lot of artillery bombing, or an orchard, and a house and family preserved in time of war.

    A Mighty Fortress is our God. Lets stay within the fortress until we are ordered to march forth and defeat the enemy.

  19. On the politicians with dual citizenship: They have divided loyalties. Either you are an American or you’re not. As for Republicans who have dual citizenship with Israel, I can think of two right off, John Bolton and Dick Cheney. I’m not a fan of either of them. There are a lot more, in and out of congress. You can’t serve two masters, yet they do. Sounds an awful lot like treason to me.

    I’m not a fan of the government of Israel. If that makes me an antisemite, so be it. I don’t see it that way, the Jewish people are not Israel, Israel is a country. In fact there are 18 different peoples throughout the world that are Semitic peoples, including the Arabs. Yet if you point out the flaws of the Israeli government, or AIPAC, or the ADL, you are considered an antisemite. The fact that I write this, according to AIPAC and the ADL, I must be an antisemite. It’s not true, but since when does truth matter to the totalitarian socialists of AIPAC and the ADL, or the Israeli government for that matter.

    As far as supporting Israel, the Israeli government has every right, and every moral responsibility to defend all the citizens of Israel. Just not on OUR dime, your dime and mine. Any US citizen who wishes to donate money to Israel has every right to do so. Just don’t demand money be taken from me, by force, to give to Israel or any other country for that matter. We should sell military hardware to Israel or any other country, but we should not give it to them. Again, don’t take money from me, by force, to buy military hardware to give to Israel or any other country. That is not what the framers of our Constitution envisioned, and the actions by our government that promote all this foreign aid and military financial aid are, by definition, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    As for the noahide laws: My father was a fundamentalist, old testament, Christian minister. He would be looking at this with a very jaundiced eye, he would not be pleased. Reading these “laws” gives me the willies. Don’t eat meat. If I remember right, God gave us that meat and the stewardship over the animals that provide that meat. Obey government at all cost. If we do that, we bid farewell to God and Christ on the alter of the almighty State. My bible really doesn’t say that, old or new Testament.

  20. I enjoyed the same 3+foot snowstorm this week. I was out early on the first day to hand shovel the back walkway of the initial 8 inches, and then went to clear the front walkway, where I saw my next door neighbor with his snowblower clearing my entire driveway for me. Later that afternoon, after a further 12 inches had fallen, my neighbor from the other side was out there with his snowblower, clearing my driveway. The following morning after a full night of snowing hard, the first neighbor was out snow-blowing my driveway for the final time. All three times, I never even had to ask, they were just being neighborly. Gosh I love it up here in the Redoubt.

  21. I thought we dealt with fact and not rumor here. This “Pope agrees to Noahide laws” thing has been around since 2008 When the Pope visited NYC. I challenge anyone to show a web link that is anything other than a “conspiracy site” or one that links to a “conspiracy site”. Despite the rhetoric, the Pope does not speak for all Catholics. There is, in fact, considerable disagreement within Catholicism as to whether he is even the pope since a Pope supposedly can’t resign.
    No Imam speaks for all of Islam at this time as there is no currently accepted caliphate. Even if there was, no Imam can truthfully concede to the Noahide laws as it is against the Koran.
    No one person speaks for all of Judaism either. There is no universally accepted Sanhedrin and the council in Jerusalem only speaks for the nation of Israel, not the rest of the world.
    There is certainly no one person that speaks for Protestantism. We can’t even agree which of the 60,000 denominations is closest to truth.
    Even if the Pope did sign something in 2008, it has zero binding on anyone. This is just wild conspiracy stuff. Let’s try to be better than rumormongers.

    finally, I would note that every site that I found that had anything to do with this had a very strong anti-Jewish bent to its writings as a whole, usually using very derogatory terms for the Jewish people and claiming other garbage like satanic masons were working for them, etc…

  22. I see that the main posting has been updated since I posted last so I’ll address this yet again.

    1) No one person can speak for ANY of the groups mentioned.
    1a) As I stated before, not all Catholics accept the leadership of this pope.
    1b) There isn’t an Imam that can speak for all of Islam because there is no Islamic caliphate at this time. In fact, there are many groups vying for that position, but even if all of those groups manage to unite, there is NO world-wide caliphate where all Muslims are bound by one man’s decree (or even several.)
    1c) There isn’t one person who speaks for all of Judaism. Rabbi Hillel Weiss who is listed in one of your articles as the leader is a VERY controversial figure even in Israel and does NOT speak for all of Judaism though Chabad Lubavitch is recognized as having done more to reach out to “gentiles” than most, if not all other Jewish organizations. If you consider that he, and his organization are forces for evil because he wants the world (who operates for the most part from a very humanistic point of view) to behave better, what does that say?
    1d) No one person speaks for all 60,000+ protestant denominations. As I previously said, we can’t even agree among ourselves over the basics, let alone appoint one person to speak for us. Yes, I agree that ecumenism is not a good thing because we must be able to disagree and challenge others to be able to correct error, but we are not even close to that.

    2) I would point out that the very first link you give is to “gazetawarszawska.com” which has a notable anti-semitic/anti-zionist tone on the vast majority of its articles. It is also pretty “out there” and clearly qualifies as a “conspiracy theory” site. Note that when you get to the bottom of it “anti-zionist” is interpreted to mean that Israel does not have a right to exist. Is that really a site you want to quote?

    3) Another link is to israelnationalnews.com which quotes Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef as stating that Gentiles must keep the Noahide Laws to live in Israel. I would point out that Israel already has severe restrictions imposed on imigration (Right of Return) and that they are a sovereign nation and have the right to determine their own immigration laws. If you disagree, then you must also be against Trumps southern wall for the U.S because it’s the same thing. Rabbi Yitzhak does not speak for anyone but his own movement and has made such statements as “it’s a mitsvah to kill a terrorist” (unless you neutralize him first). How is that any different than our own? You are applying a dual standard here.

    4) Let’s talk about the Noahide laws. You make the claim (by linking to Chabad.org) that the first law denies Yeshua. However, Chabad’s version of the laws merely reflect their own thinking. There are a number of versions that you can find that word it differently than Chabad. Remember that while the Noahide laws are outlined in the Talmud, they are derived from the same Tanakh that you read. If you make the claim that the first law denies Yeshua, then you must also make the claim that the first of the Ten Commandments ALSO denies yeshua (which would be exactly what Chabad believes) due to the claim of polytheism. Your statement of “According to Rabbinic Jewish law” must be applied to both because Rabbinic Jewish law does according to them. Why are you willing to set the Ten Commandments aside and not make that claim over them? The same source that you are using certainly will make that claim. Again, a dual standard.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with the Noahide laws. If the world would abide by them, it would truly be a better place than it is. I’m not one to ascribe the Ten Commandments only to the Jews. I apply the same understanding to the Noahide laws as I do to the Ten Commandments. Interestingly enough, if you follow the commands given to the Gentile believers in Acts 15, you basically have the Noahide laws with the exception that belivers are encourage to go where they can learn more about the teachings of Moses. Applying the same standard to Noahide laws as we do to the Ten Commandments results again in being able to distill the entire law to two commandments. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength (Deut 6:5, Mat 22:37) and Love your neighbor as yourself (Lev 19:18, Mat 22:38)

    5) You also quote Steven Ben Noon who is a known false prophet. Just because he came out of Judaism does not make him an authority. Remember Moses direction concerning the discernment of false prophets? (Deu 18:21-22) “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord hath not spoken? when a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.”
    I give you his video “70th Week Of Daniel Only Months Away!” still available on YouTube. This was published on Oct 23, 2013 – oops! guess he missed that one. And there are many, many more just like this. Why would anyone still listen to him?

    6) Your statement of “any gentile who doesn’t become a Noahide will be worthy of death.” is not given in any of these links as you describe it. Linking the “Messianic age” with the “Great Tribulation” flies in the face of sound Biblical exegesis.

    7) Yes, you said you might offend some by posting this, but we are to call out fellow believers who spread false doctrine. You are making the same mistake that so many make by applying your own preconceived ideas in the interpretation with a healthy dose of confirmation bias. Please steer clear of the rumormongering. It is not helpful to the Gospel message.

    1. You points are well taken. However, we each have our opinions. I posted comments, including yours, for balance. Lily wrote: “Do your own research.” Her comment was intended to alert readers, and encourage them to pray about this and to do their own research on the subject. There is indeed a small but dedicated group of globalist ecumenicalists that wish to rule the world. They have have attached themselves to the ruling elites.

      You ask: “Why are you willing to set the Ten Commandments aside and not make that claim over them?” Because there is a difference between the Tanach (the Old Testament Bible) and Rabbinic commentaries. The Noahide Laws as published are the interpretation of Rabbis — not directly from the Ten Commandments themselves. Some people have elevated these commentaries to the same authority as scripture itself. That would be like me placing the commentaries of Calvin, Poole, Gill, Jonathan Edwards and others alongside scripture as a guide for my life. That would be a horrible mistake. Over-elevating Rabbinic writing is a slippery slope toward legalism and error.

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