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  1. Work bench and shelves in the New Pole barn workshop is done. It is an “L” shape. Most of the Peg board is installed above it. Started to hang stuff on the finished part. Since this workshop pegboard is much larger than then the old one I had I am able to better organize my stuff. For example in the old workshop I had all my hacksaw blades on one hook. Now I have them seperated by number of teeth per inch. He “Great RE-ORGANIZATION” continues. Today I will be organizes the stuff in the loft above the workshop. I have several plastic shelving unit that no long had a purpose so those will be used in the loft. Will be hanging my “Come and Take it” flag today as well. Got that on a trip to San Antonio TX awhile back. Will be moving more stuff from the old workshop to new one as well today. The only things that will remain in the old workshop are things that can’t freeze.

    The BOL home addition saw some good progress this week as the interior wall were put up and new electric was run. I think the addition will serve the wife an I very well in our retirement as we considered our aging in the project. For example we have a large shower with built in bench seat and grab handles installed. We have also integrated a first floor laundry into the addition.

    Picked up new rechargable Batteries for one of my flashlights and also picked up a new 350 lumen flashlight that was on clearance at Best Buy.

  2. We’ve been putting tomatoes into totes in the freezer as they ripen. When we get enough to do a canning session of tomato sauce we run the tomatoes under warm water which makes the skin slip right off. Just have to let them soften enough to core and squeeze out the seeds and continue making sauce, then can. Sooooo much easier than the boiling water/ice water method and you can save them up til you get time to can.

  3. Mybfirst post in this area. I usually enjoy reading other’s progress, and felt it was time I started contributing as well. Most of last week was spent on final preparations for Florence. We came through fairly unscathed, although I lost a couple pounds of persimmons. I also finished my jelly making for the season… muscadine and scuppernong…canned the last of my tomatoes, and also canned some beef stock. This week, I’ll continue processing my remaining persimmons as they ripen, and we’ll be picking up half a cow, which will handle our beef needs through the spring.

  4. New school year = totally tired

    We have loaned our truck out and have quite a bit waiting on its return. I’m still cutting brush and stacking what wood is cut. Working on the small stuff.

    Enjoy the fruits of the season and making some new plans. Looks like we will get some more land from my parents afterall. That means putting in a garden and moving the berry bushes. I think fruit trees this spring, too.

    I’ve sorted through so much in the past 3 months. I just cannot believe we had accumulated so much; however, I am thankful to be able to outfit our daughter as she moves into her own place (we will not discuss where – let’s just say that I’m going to need to trust in God’s protection mightily!) as well as our cabin for our son’s college years. I’ve been planning for such a time as this for years.

    I keep reminding myself of the ant and the grasshopper.

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