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  1. It should be noted that when Walmart left the poor community just 15 miles from my house it was because the local community stole over 80% of the product within months of opening. Employee theft was staff wide even 2 of the managers were indicted in the thieving. Walmart doesn’t shut down a store without the numbers telling them to. And yes, a big swath of irreparable damage is done when Wally World leaves town.

    1. Carney,the damage is done to local communities when Wallyworld comes to town (huge subsidies/tax breaks) and pillages the economy(small business exterminated with loss of decent paying jobs and standard of living(permanant underclass with no hope of recovery))

  2. I could care less if Wally Mart completely collapses, I only set foot in those places a couple times shortly after they invaded here, nothing but mind numbed dullards shopping there. The place creeps me out.

      1. I’m hardly an aristocrat. LOL!
        There are lots of things I don’t participate in, Walmart is only one of them.
        My main issue is with Wallymart is the people that shop there, one of the few stores that I feel I need to be armed in, not that I go to many stores anyway. Now, not all people are bad at Wallymart, but it’s that certain % that keeps me away.

    1. I do not like Walmart but if all of them close I can’t imagine how many people will be without a job and probably getting on the welfare merry-go-round which affects all taxpayers.

  3. About 5 years ago a Walmart opened quite near me. Love it. Couldn’t hardly wait for it to open. Convenient, low prices and they have everything. In my travels I have been to Walmarts in rough neighborhoods and I have seen shoplifting, police arrests, arguments and fights and combative unhelpful employees. It seems to me the problem in these Walmarts that close is the crime and the local population and not the company.

  4. Our nearest Walmart in Wyoming, may be closing.
    This one store, NOT a superstore mind you, suffered about 5 MILLION in theft over one year alone.
    It’s near/on the reservation.

    1. Ned2: Interesting. We must both be close to the store in Riverton but I haven’t heard anything about it possibly closing. The theft amount doesn’t surprise me, much. It would be very typical Walmart behavior though, and not really a bad decision from a business standpoint looking at the losses from theft, but like their local hospital (that can’t stop stepping on themselves) they probably won’t leave because they have ZERO competition in the marketplace for reasonably priced goods.

  5. It should also be noted that Wal-Mart is starting to stock up on the higher end and more expensive goods to cater to people that have the money in these wealthy suburbs. So it is starting to leave the poor and eventually the middle class behind.

  6. Local Wallyworld closed(local police had to staff a sub station in the store and crime numbers were effecting real estate ratings)due to local pressure. Two more were built in 5mile radius one in a upperclass area and one in a lower class area(one always has police when I go past). Now another big empty retail space in an area with a glut(watch the retail apocalypse happen after Newyears)

  7. There is a police car at Walmart (Reno) just about every time I go in there, I suppose its for theft. It is handy, close by and all the mom pop hardware, automotive, and paint stores have closed up. If Walmarts all closed there be nowhere to buy all that Chinese c**p.

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