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  1. We may gripe about self-driving vehicles, but recognize the parallels between now and 100 years ago when people transitioned from horse-and-buggy to vehicles.

    There will be mistakes. There will be problems. Then as the tool gets better people will begin the transition. The transition will happen in the larger cities first.

  2. I’d prefer to keep doing my own driving. I can’t afford today’s new cars let alone what these new self drivers will cost. I still hope to be putting around in my ’51 Ford in 20 years.

  3. bout tax lien sales: I have a moral/philosophical problem with this. To me, property taxes are extortion, and the gov selling off the property of people who can’t pay taxes is theft. So you are buying stolen property and aiding and abetting the thieves. The only exception to this is property where you know the owner truly doesn’t want it and stopped paying the taxes because they don’t want it.

    1. I also have a problem with property taxes, and tax lien sales. Since my local government does not pay my property taxes and demands a tax on any improvements etc. They have declared my property is public property. This is unconstitutional and there fore void. Why are all you people not outraged and doing something about it?

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