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  1. I’m sure Pat Cascio’s experience is accurate, but my own experience is not so good. I purchased a >$240 pocket knife based on Pat’s recommendation and it did have a flaw. I was confident in the manufacturer because of the glowing recommendation and took it into ZT for repair/replacement. I was met with a cold stare and a “I don’t care” attitude and told “so sorry”, “we don’t do that here.”
    I do love the knife, but it does have a manufacturer’s defect and I was expecting the service you typically find in American made shops and was disappointed to find corporate apathy. They had my $240 and now they were moving on to the next.

  2. What does tokenizing the dollar mean – would cash be eliminated?
    What would it mean from a prepping and privacy standpoint?

    I believe answers to these questions would be of interest to all here, if not previously addressed.

    1. Bobcat- if dollars go crypto I believe 90% of paper cash will be eliminated. As far as privacy goes, I believe digital currency throws privacy out the window, as your “monitored” emails, cell calls and amazon accounts prove so.
      I think fractional gold and junk silver will be king for privacy purposes.

  3. Digital money… I think there would be an outcry like no other. And not just from a “regular folk” perspective either. Much of the economy runs on cash. Privacy depends on cash. Too many people would just refuse. Maybe as a few more generations pass, the digitally inclined would accept it. My two cents.

  4. Housing bubble in Silicon Valley… there’s no bust going on. I have a family member who lives there and is in the Escrow business. While I urge all family to leave the state for good, the money still flows there. Just closed a deal for $1.7M, 1320 sq ft, 3bed/2bath. I know someone who lives in a similar sized house, estimated value of $1.9M. I think that one was actually valued at $2.1 a year or two ago. So maybe that’s the “bust” being referenced. The original purchase price of that home was around $50K, same owner. My fear for Silicon Valley is if Facebook, Google, Apple, the really big players, somehow go broke and the affluent leave. FB and GOOG/ABC are in for some legal challenges, although Apple is making some smart decisions right now. I just don’t see the bust happening for regular folk who can’t purchase multi-million dollar homes. I do see risk for the affluent who are buying the multi-million dollar homes, and investors, if loosing a few hundred thousand is considered a risk to them. I just have to ask who in their right mind spends that kind of money on housing, cars, etc. LOL

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