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  1. The Five Big Lies About Precious Metal Investing is right on the mark about the duplicity of bankers. It was only recently I read about several banks making large purchases of physical gold. It makes you think, what do they know that we don’t.
    I wonder if it isn’t in the back of their minds that if the public got on board for precious metals the prices would naturally skyrocket as the amount of metal for sale would dry up in a heartbeat and they would be left holding the bag of useless paper assets derivatives and digital money. Personally I look at cryptocurrencies as a great example of “The Bigger Fool Theory” you can only sell them if you can find a bigger fool than yourself for buying them. Just like the fiat currencies the quantity can be increased and the corresponding dilution of value takes place. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t cost anything to do this as there is no cost of printing and distribution of paper money. Just a few key strokes. A pretty slick scam. I wish I would have thought of it myself.

  2. Two things on lumber prices, from direct interaction with our forester as we wrap up our timber sale:
    1. The trade war with China includes tarrifs on lumber. Reduced sales to China is contributing to a glut in domestic supply.
    2. The Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise last year, as well as other fires in the Sierra Nevada has created a huge oversupply of salvage timber. The mill we were selling to says that they don’t want to buy anything other than salvage timber because there is so much available at a cheap price.

  3. Thank you SB in Ca for providing a good explanation for lumber prices falling. I take it then, that it’s a good thing rather than a bad thing. Shipping our lumber to China and getting back poorly made furniture was a bad idea in the first place. I’d like to purchase local furniture and be able to trust the quality.

  4. On thing im seeing here in the northeast is a lot of neighbors are having their woods logged and removing most of the ash trees that could be infected with the asian ash borer. It makes sense with that to cash out trees that will likely die anyway.

  5. Another factor in the depressed lumber prices is last years hurricane Michael that hit N. FL & S. GA. A lot of timber was laid down during that storm causing a glut of salvage timber in SE mills. I don’t see this as a harbinger of recession. It will simply cause landowners to postpone timber harvest for 1-2 years till prices creep back up.

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