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  1. Crypto.

    I am not a tech guy, have no crypto at all but as far as facebook goes won’t they have trouble with anyone trusting the privacy and security of their “coin” I would not.

    any thoughts from the crypto crowd?

  2. Re. US-China trade war

    Donald Trump: “I am a Tariff Man….. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs.”

    Ron Paul’s reply: “Americans pay the tariffs.”

    It is clear that Trump is doing exactly what he has been told to do by globalist handlers. Bleed out America.

    1. The tariff is a tool and one of the best tools to bring China to a fair trade agreement. It does not “bleed” America the previous China trade agreements “bleed” America.

      It is interesting how politicians and the MSM will tell you that Tariffs “bleed” Americans because the consumer pays it but will conversely be in favor of increasing the tax on gasoline or for that matter increasing any tax. So ask yourself what their agenda is. They want China to continue to “bleed” Americans, continue to take our jobs and enrich themselves spending that money on increasing their military might. Some want it because they share in the profits but some want it because they simply don’t like America and Americans.

      I don’t dislike Ron Paul or his father and in fact I agree with many of their positions on issues. BUT between them both they have done diddly squat for us, whereas Trump in just over two years has done more for America than the last 40 presidents all put together. He needs our support not our nit picking and sniping.

      1. Anon, whoa not so fast. I spoke to tariffs, not trade agreements. Do you deny that Americans pay the “$billions in Tariffs” that Trump stated he is taking in?

        Secondly, you express concern for America being bled out to support China’s military spending. Mercy, Google for images of Shanghai shipping port and you will see thousands of CONEX shipping containers full of exports. Search American ports and you’ll see tanks and Humvees. Tell us, exactly which country is bleeding out Americans for their military? Gerald Celente nailed it when he stated, ‘The business of China is business. The business of America is war’.

        Globalists need to bankrupt America before they can ‘rescue’ us with their global government. They have the perfect man for the job. Trump’s companies have gone bankrupt seven times. In doing so Trump bled Americans of billions of dollars and he is still doing it.

        1. “Do you deny that Americans pay the “$billions in Tariffs” that Trump stated he is taking in?”

          So what! They pay the billions and perhaps trillions that Nike or Apple is taking in. The actual amount is sooooooo tiny I can’t even calculate it. Maybe after a decade it might be a whole penny that I pay for tariffs. BUT if my state raise gas tax by $0.18 a gallon it is literally hundreds of dollars a year. If the federal government raises gas taxes by the same amout (which they are threatening to do) again hundreds, perhaps thousands (what can I say I’m retired and like to drag my trailer around). But have you ever heard a Democrat complain about the poor consumer having to pay taxes? Even the supposed taxes on the rich and corporations will be paid by the middle class.

          “Tell us, exactly which country is bleeding out Americans for their military?”
          Yes and if I had the power I would double our military spending. Make no mistake in most people’s lifetime China will attack the U.S. and I suspect we will lose. I suspect China will take Indonesia and Australia first but they will come for us too. Our military is the ONLY reason we are free.

          “Globalists need to bankrupt America before they can ‘rescue’ us with their global government.”
          You are blind. The globalist are the Democrats and the Rino’s. The reason they hate Trump is he is in their way. He is the ONLY impediment to their goals.

          “Trump’s companies have gone bankrupt seven times”
          So what. It didn’t cost me a penny and I doubt it cost you a penny either. Bankruptcy isn’t pretty but it is necessary especially in business. It isn’t something someone aspires to but it is a way to wipe the slate clean, pay off the creditors with whatever assets are owned and try again. It is the law.

          1. Anon, was that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’? In the 15 hours I’ve been waiting for your answer Trump has dropped 75 bombs. cha-ching cha-ching, drip-drip.

            God help the innocent people whose blood has been shed and help America to embrace Jesus’ principle of non-aggression.

      2. Ron and Rand Paul are correct about tariffs and who actually pays. That being said, if the tariffs go on long enough those goods we currently buy from Chinese companies might just start being manufactured here. Tariffs are definitely a tool to bring trade adversaries (partners?) to the bargaining table.

        I’m all for free trade. But it has to be free trade in both directions. Our free trade agreements are indeed free trade, but only in one direction. We let products come in without tariffs, our “partners” impose draconian tariffs on our goods. That is not free trade. All along Trump has called himself a free trader. I get it, two way free trade.

        As an aside, you don’t have free trade if our “partners” are subsidizing products coming here. You don’t have free trade if our “partners” are artificially lowering the cost of doing business by arbitrarily reducing the cost of labor, easy to do if you are in a dictatorship.

        All this interference in the free market, by all parties, is what makes the cost of doing business and the high cost of products, so darned high in the first place.

      3. You have to understand that the mainstream media has all wrong. There’re two sides to tariffs one is from the United States going to China and one is from China to the United States. TRUMP is talking about the tariffs that the Chinese pay for our products and that money goes directly into the us treasury.

        In addition to the other way around playing the Tariff game, if United States citizens are paying extra for products that means that the Chinese product is raised significantly. This can only mean that the products are higher in America to buy a Chinese product then more American companies will start manufacturing products home.

        So either way America’s doing the right thing we benefit both ways. We even benefit by not funding China and their scheme of working our markets with our national debt against us, which inflates there benefit, which increases their military might.

        I’m in agreement we need to stop knocking Trump and allow him to do his job. How many investigations is he going to go through in the oval office, add how many talks of impeachment is he going through and how many times are the Democrats going to stage illegal aliens at the border who are going to die because they want Trump out of office. We need to support Trump and on support the Democratic Party.

  3. Free shipping on the ammo can deal is not free. They are having trouble processing orders. Has anyone done business with this outfit? Appears a little shaky.

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