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  1. I rarely take my HK91 out anymore. It says in it’s own foam cushioned SKB rolling case. Way back when, it was purchased for $700 so it has been a good “investment” but I’m going to hold on to it a bit more and I’m actually looking for another AS an investment.

    If you absolutely have to have the roller-locked experience, I tell people to get a PTR.

  2. Son, “ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot.
    When holding a gun, rest your finger alongside the frame and outside the trigger guard. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.”/NRA

    The other day a picture appeared to show a man firing a rifle with no eye protection.

      1. I see he has sunscreen hastily applied to his face but none on his hands and no hearing protection. his chin strap isn’t fastened. I don’t think he is using green lead free ammo

  3. Being a 38 year old man, I missed the boat on HK91’s. They’re on my bucket list of guns to own, but it’s hard to justify, especially when, as JWR point out, I was able to pick up a PSA PA-10 for $600 shipped on sale. Was able to outfit my family with legitimate battle rifles with 10 pmags each at just under $2,500. You just can’t beat that.

  4. SurvivalBlog has another interesting article about America’s Gold-Reserve stored away. (by ZeroHedge), … SurvivalBlog frequently has ZeroHedge articles about our Gold-Reserves, and other subjects.
    Ron Paul publicly advocated an outside audit of the US stored Gold, when he was in Congress. … Both Ron and his son Rand (current Senator from Kentucky) want to audit the Federal Reserve too.

    Does the USA still retain all of its claimed Gold Reserves, or is the Gold now stored over in Communist China? = A lot of the USA manufacturing capabilities were transferred to China, along with millions of good jobs. It seems reasonable to have a public audit of the USA gold reserves. It’s NOT secrecy that keeps >our Gold Reserves ~ Safe and Secure. = It’s the United States Military. [It would be stupid, to claim otherwise.]

  5. Shale oil bust. We should not export oil and NG. This serves only one purpose and that was to make a few billionaires multi-billionaires. It is counter to pro-American policies. We will one day soon again run out of the glut of oil and NG and become again dependent on foreign oil. But in the meantime we are selling it off to foreigners as fast as we can. This is stupid.

    1. Not to mention the damage done to the water table from fracking and breaking well casings. All politicos are on the take on that front.

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