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  1. Concerning the Zero Hedge report.
    The Chinese people most likely have a higher pain threshold than people in the US.
    The Chinese are the ones playing the long game. Americans have become addicted to low priced stuff made in China.
    Money managers have become addicted to the Chinese government buying our 10 year treasuries (debt). China did not participate in the last auction for these instruments for the first time in many years. We do not want the Chinese to cash in their chips.
    The rest of the world is biding their time.
    Even if the President is given a second term the Chinese will wait him out. There might be a face saving “deal” but the frog is in the water and the heat is on.
    I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the barn but I can see this coming from the freeway.

  2. I have been speculating for years (to the sufferance of my relatives and friends) about what will happen to all the failing malls and smaller retail complexes.

    One theory was that the space could be purchased by a large company with government ties for use as warehouse space. For example, for warehousing dissenters or radicals that might threaten a government.

    The empty retail spaces could be converted to housing for incoming immigrants.

    Far fetched I guess and just speculation.

  3. RE: ~”Zero Hedge reports: Why Trump Has All The Leverage In China Trade Negotiations, In 3 Charts.”~
    +Trump recently sent a ‘Tweet to America, on his Twitter account.” =
    “We are right where we want to be with China. … Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or ~~buy it from >non-Tariffed (Trump-Sp) countries.”

    According to the Internet, Trump has been working to develop more trading possibilities with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. Plus, Trump is working with India as an off set to China’s economic and military ambitions.

    For years, President Trump and a lot of other people have been planning, on how to counter China’s economic threat to the USA and the world. … China ‘owns’ many USA politicians in both political parties. Many politicians and people in the US ‘Deep State’ are working to get rid of Trump.

    (Me) = We shouldn’t be lulled into thinking Trump will successfully take care of all potential problems. I follow SurvivalBlog, as I believe, the USA and its citizens still face an ‘iffy’ future. Our future peace and prosperity is not guaranteed.

  4. Im no fan of Bezos’ politics, but you have to applaud the economic effect to this region that these projects bring. Thousands of jobs to build them, thousands of jobs to staff them, and increased tax revenue while revitalizing unused and blighted properties. The buildings themselves have a snazzy appearance. I was driving by the Euclid one when they were setting rooftop units with a helicopter! That was a sight.

  5. re:
    European people selling their gases

    I see that as the equivalent of pawning The Crown Jewels… selling their only asset for what? A few handsful of fiat currency.

    Does Europe get cold? Do European people occasionally use gases to heat their homes and businesses, and for cooking? Selling their gases cannot end well.

    Who benefits. Follow the money.

    shopping mauls

    One reason shopping malls fail == crowds.

    *** Crowds attract lunatics with suicide vests and nasty germs. And people I wouldn’t associate with on a dare.
    *** Crowds are also handy for false flag events.
    *** Crowds are particularly handy for a “…gun man…” with abysmal ability for zeroing a “…high caliber salt rifle with high capacity clips…” seeking a high casualty count.
    *** Crowds probably read, or know readers of, BisonPrepper and WoodpileReport, so they heed their advice:
    Avoid crowds.

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