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  1. About the brick and mortar meltdown. Ever wonder why the online giants are getting help from the Gov (like amazon and its USPS rates, special Sunday deliveries)? Maybe it has to do with controlling access to resources. If you want to control a populace access to goods, then you must control the distribution points for those goods. You can not be allowed to go to the local ‘mom and pop’ store and pay cash for goods. It is better for them that you need to purchase online where they can digitally track the goods, account for your purchases, and there is no fear that you have built any personal interactions or relationships with the vendor. How many of you knew people at the corner market growing up? Personal interactions and cash are hard for them to track.

    Kinda like banning ammo and magazines instead of the guns.

    Or, maybe the tinfoil is getting a little tight around my cranium.

    1. Speaking of banning (or limiting) things, in regards to all the knee-jerk legislation passed by several states prohibiting gun sales to anyone under 21, I immediately thought to myself “if they can get away with this, what’s to stop them from changing the age to a higher number such as 65?”

      Well, today’s headline regarding the Hawaii legislature considering a bill raising the smoking age to 100(!). HB 1509.


  2. I live and work in TN, my employer runs the breadth of the state. The Eastern part is vastly different from Western and Central TN, hence the 3-stars on the state flag! While Knoxville is a medium sized city, it is most certainly NOT a Memphrica or Nashville environment. I’ve been to all 3 for work, but live outside Knox. It’s got it’s problems (drugs, homeless), but is nothing like the other 2. I do however agree with the general conclusion that larger cities present a certain amount of inherent risk, I just hate seeing such broad conclusions.

  3. Disease vectors? Los Angles has rats spreading typhus TODAY.
    There’s hepatitis C going around.

    Also, check out the CDC stats on STDs which Christians who practice shouldn’t be subject to, but what happens when the antivirals run out? Much less the antibiotics or they get more resistant.

    Importing refugees with XDR Tuberculosis or measles or something else, or letting them come across here illegally doesn’t help.

    One of the original problems with treating HIV is it wasn’t politically correct – you mean gay promiscuity in bathhouses can’t possibly be a problem? – It is a judgment of God. Neither, but politics makes for bad science and medicine, especially public health.

  4. “There are exceptions, but they only prove the rule: urban = blight”

    No, urban = most of the job and wealth creation in this country. The middle of nowhere is great until your kids need jobs and higher education.

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