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  1. On top of the Bond Yield Inversion there’s a death cross on the S&P 500 moving averages and huge resistance as the trends turn lower. The internals are still very ugly as well.

    I told you that the market and economy WON’T handle 3 percent fed funds rates and I’m sticking to it. I’ve seen JWR advocating for getting out of debt here. He’s right. Now is the time!!! Get an extra job, resell, whatever, but do it.

  2. Good articles linked above about the next recession. It is coming, judging by the bond markets, and helped along by the GM layoffs. Apparently, GM does not fully appreciate the fact that taxpayers saved their sorry company and took a loss of 11.2 Billion dollars in doing so. Now, even before any recession, they are putting 14.700 workers on the chopping block. The workers ALWAYS pay the price for poor decisions made by millionaire EXECUTIVES. They are the ones who should be cut, starting with the CEO Mary Barra.

    1. Why fire a CEO? They just get passed around and rehired, the same way pedophile priests were shipped from parish to parish to hide their crimes. Except they usually get a huge departure bonus.

    2. This is why women need to be in the home doing women things. When men were solely in charge in companies right up through the 60s, there was never a term of downsizing or layoffs. Those terms entered the workforce the same time women did with their gender equality lawsuits and male termination campaigns and incorporation sexual harassment teachings into the orientation day–which always paints manhood as a sexual predator.

      Bring the women home, save Corporate America and there will be no more layoffs, down sizings, male firings on the woman’s word alone to HR heads, gender equality lawsuits, abortions, massive divorce, and children that respect no-one.

      That will all change when women take the role God gave them as helpmate to a man and her fanny parked into a marriage for 50 years as wife and mother and in that order.

      If this woman CEO would go back to the family, and others follow, jobs security for men working for the same company for 30 years then retire with a pension–not 401Ks which the commoner has to manager–then neighborhoods are stable, then churches are stable, schools are stable, states are stable, and yes America is stable once again!

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